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Twin babies wrapped in Cellophane with Du Pont

July 29 2010, 09:45am

Posted by adrien

This kind of print ad won't be possible nowadays...




Good things are twice as good in Cellophane.


Advertiser: Du Pont Cellophane

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Hello Samsung galaxy print ad mocking iPhone 4 reception

July 23 2010, 17:43pm

Posted by adrien

Samsung is mocking iPhone 4 reception issue...




Advertiser: Samsung Galaxy

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Pink Hitler billboard is invading Palermo

July 20 2010, 13:46pm

Posted by adrien

A clothing brand has advertised in Palermo with a huge billboard starring Hitler dressed in a pink uniform...


A shocking advertising campaign like the XXX Hitler sextape or Hitler in cigarettes butts or in mosquitoes or Hitler and Chaplin.


What do you think? Acceptable or not?






Change style. Don’t follow your leader.


Agency: Zerocento

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Paul Octopus from football worldcup has chosen Pepsi

July 12 2010, 15:14pm

Posted by adrien

I am sure you've heard about Paul the Octopus predicting the winner of the football world cup...


Pespi took the buzz opportunity to create a simple print that works well.


Of course it means Pepsi has been chosen by Paul the octopus instead of Coca Cola Coke... Clever, no?




The obvious choice


Advertiser: Pepsi

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Larissa Riquelme naked: the strip tease pictures

July 11 2010, 01:03am

Posted by adrien

Larissa Riquelme the sexy model supporting Paraguay has sold her boobs to Axe during the worldcup and has finally accepted to offer a strip tease...

Free downloadof all Larissa Riquelme sexy pictures



Here are the free photos of Larissa Riquelme naked or you can buy them in high definition here.







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How to kill the vuvuzela noise with Kit Kat

July 6 2010, 08:51am

Posted by adrien

Great opportunity for Kit Kat during the footvall worldcup with this print campaign starring a broken vuvuzela.


KitKat vuvuzela


Have a break have a Kit Kat


Advertiser: Kit Kat

Agency: JWT, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Jean-Luc Walraff
Art Director: Cédric Minot
Copywriter: Jurgen Verbiest
Photographer: Antoine Melis

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Astronut, Battlesheep, Jetleg Google mocking search spelling errors

June 30 2010, 14:14pm

Posted by adrien

3 excellent print campaigns for Google mocking accidental misspelling while searching for Astronut Astronaut, Battlesheep Battleship and Jetleg Jetlag.



Astronut, did you mean Astronaut?



atronut did you mean astronaut


Battlesheep, did you mean Battleship?


battlesheep did you mean battleship


Jetleg, did you mean Jetlag?


jetleg did you mean jetlag


Advertiser: Google

Agency: Grey Istanbul

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Social Media bible, the best book about social media

June 28 2010, 17:17pm

Posted by adrien


The Social Media Bible is the best book to know everything about Social Media.


Reading this book will help you to understand the social media stakes or improve your knowledge about social media strategies.


You can buy this cheap book about social media here.

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Game Over for France football worldcup by Playstation

June 23 2010, 16:37pm

Posted by adrien

This is the end for the French national football team in South Africa...




Advertiser: Sony Playstation

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Reborn woman out of the vagina

June 21 2010, 08:08am

Posted by adrien

Good shocking print campaign for a gym club.




We push you to the limit so you can feel alive again.


Advertiser: Magali work out system
Agency: Road, Barcelona, Spain

Creative Directors: Emilio Lezaun, Marc Mallafré

Art Director: Marc Mallafré

Copywriter: Aitor Borrás

Photographer: Carles Nin

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