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Vanessa Demouy naked for breast cancer advertising campaign

October 27 2010, 07:42am

Posted by adrien

The french model Vanessa Demouy is pictured topless showing her tits to raise awareness against the breast cancer.




Advertiser: Ligue contre le cancer

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Adriana Karembeu in sexy feminine football picture

September 24 2010, 16:37pm

Posted by adrien

Adriana Karembeu is wearing sexy football outfits for an advertising campaign to support feminine football.




Advertiser: Feminine football Association

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Zahia Burger Quick fake print advertising campaign

September 7 2010, 21:17pm

Posted by adrien

Zahia the prostitute of the French football team is used in a new way...




Advertiser: Fake Quick ad

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The girl with a ass on her boobs

September 5 2010, 09:38am

Posted by adrien

How to raise awareness for breast cancer amongst girls that are only obsessed with the size of their bottom?


DDB has released a print campaign with 3 creative artwork that emphasize the real important thing behind fat ass, dirty spot or curly hair.








Are you obsessed with the right things?


Advertiser:Breat cancer foundation

Agency: DDB

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Pictionary print advertising campaign

August 29 2010, 08:35am

Posted by adrien

3 print ads with a boat, a helicopter and bear drawings for Pictionary









Advertiser: Pictionary

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Art Director: Juan Jose Posada

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Interpret the world with The Economist advertising campaign

August 19 2010, 08:56am

Posted by adrien

Great new advertising campaign fro The Economist.






Advertser: The Economist

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbay

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Diesel Be Stupid sexy print advertising campaign

August 16 2010, 07:38am

Posted by adrien

Great print advertising campaign for Diesel after the outdoor campaign.


Diesel be stupid - there's no wrong way to do it


Diesel be stupid - you'll spend more time with your boss


Diesel be stupid - you'll eat better


Diesel be stupid - stupid is in the spotlight


Diesel be stupid - there's no cure for stupid


Diesel be stupid - trust stupid


Diesel be stupid - stupid is spreading


Diesel be stupid - think less. Stupid more



Diesel be stupid - stupid is fearless


Diesel be stupid - if you've never done anything stupid, you've never done anything at all


Diesel be stupid - gouvernments will hate you


Diesel be stupid - goodbye inhibitions


Diesel be stupid - are you smart enough to be stupid?


Diesel be stupid - it takes two to stupid


Diesel be stupid - stupid is good for you


Diesel be stupid - you'll spend more time with your boss


Diesel be stupid - there's no wrong way to do it


Diesel be stupid - you'll make more friends


Diesel be stupid - you'll care less


Advertiser: Diesel

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Vogue oil slick photo shoot and video

August 12 2010, 08:54am

Posted by adrien

Vogue is scandalising people in Italy with their cover starring a model posing in the oil slick...










And the video of the photo shooting in the oil...



Advertiser: Vogue

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Naked Barbie dolls sexy calendar

August 10 2010, 11:38am

Posted by adrien

Amazing sexy calendar with 2 sexy Barbie dolls. The blod and the brunette Barbie dolls are posing.

Not sure parent will like it.




Bonus from @JulzdeParis the kamasutra with Barbie and Ken.




Advertiser: Barbie

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The man with a fin on his head for Legal Sea Foods

August 9 2010, 08:39am

Posted by adrien

A creative advertising campaign for Legal Sea Foods with 3 prints.








To get fresher food you would have to evolve


Advertiser: legal sea foods

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