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Wikio Experts: earn money from home as a freelance writer

April 14 2011, 10:47am

Posted by adrien

Wikio Experts is a publishing platform that allows you to earn money as a freelance writer.

If you want to become a blogger but don't want to bother spending time building a site and wait a long time before earning some money out of it; then Wikio Experts is a good alternative for you.

The website is offering a large range of topics to write about like travel, cooking through technology, marketing, automotive, sports and more...




So if you feel like you have an experience to share with people and want to make money, you can sign up easily.

Wikio Experts is paying for each article you'll write and the price is clearly defined in advance.

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Monetise your blog with sponsored posts

November 24 2010, 15:16pm

Posted by adrien

Find out more on a blogger, you are spending a lot of time working on writing nice and relevant articles for your audience. Don't you think that it would be awesome to get some benefits out of it sometimes? I don't know if you already thought about monetising your blog but if you are willing to experiment it, I might have some tips for you...

A great way to monetise a blog with a niche audience is to write some sponsored posts. First of all it's not polluting your design ;-) and secondly it brings you a fixed amount of money!

ebuzzing, part of the wikio group, is offering to bloggers the opportunity to write relevant paid articles for your favourite brands.

It's pretty easy and straight forward... You just need to sign up with your blog(s) and wait for an invitation to write a sponsored article related to the topic of your site.

Could you imagine how cool it would be to have a brief from ebuzzing for brand such as Apple to write an article to introduce the new iPhone 5?! i am pretty sure your audience would love to get exclusive news about Apple on your blog before anyone else...

For each post you are invited to by ebuzzing, you can accept it or decline it. Each post has a different price offer, you are totally free to take part in the campaign and won't be penalised if you decline it. Once you have accepted it, you have 72 hours to submit your post. If your post answers the (easy) brief, you will be able to publish it, and then you will be credited on the platform.

Earning money from your blog is the reward of all your hours of work.

Find out more on
Article sponsorisé

Partage propulsé par Wikio

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New Adsense V3 Beta video presentation + bug

November 13 2010, 14:35pm

Posted by adrien

Google Adsense has released a new version of their interface. It's Adsense V3 still in Beta. I just tried it this morning and get a bug after 2 clicks...

It's bugging when I checked how will I be paid... And now I can't access it anymore and get a blank page, so I rolled back to the old version.

The design seems to has been improved. Is it working properly for you?

Do you like it?



Advertiser: Google Adsense

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How to monetise your facebook fan page with videos

November 12 2010, 17:58pm

Posted by adrien

Goviral Network is now offering the opportunity to post videos on your facebook profiles, fan pages or facebook application and get paid for each views you will generate.


Have a look on this tuturial that will explain you how to earn money with your facebook fan pages.


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How to make money with your herpes thanks to ebuzzing

August 23 2010, 17:31pm

Posted by adrien

Did you know that you can make money with your herpes?


Thanks to ebuzzing, if you are a blogger with herpes you be paid to blog about herpes!

How cool is that?


I've just found this tweet from ebuzzing looking for bloggers who are experiencing herpes.




Translation: Wanted blogger suffering herpes to test product and blog about it.


This is the most unusual recruitment tweet I have seen so far!

But if you are interested, feel free to contact them. ;-)

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How to grow your blog traffic for free with (traffic exchange)

August 17 2010, 15:04pm

Posted by adrien

2leep.png2leep is connecting bloggers to grow their traffic mutually by adding thumbmails below their posts.

As you can see below my posts, I have some 2leep banners promoting posts from bloggers of the 2leep network.

Everytime one of my visitor is clicking on any banners I get 5 visitors back. So basically you send 1 click out and you receive 5 clicks in.

So let's say you will send 500 clicks per day, you will then receive 2,500 visits back.


This is how it has increased my traffic on mastercom since I use 2leep. Pretty cool!




I think it it worth to give a try for 1 week and see if the results are satisfying for your blog.


Once you have signed up and you blog is approuved you will be invited to submit your post.


First step will be to select you best post of the day (you can only submit 1 post per day).

Submit the url + title of your post.




Then your post will be added to the list for approval. It takes half a day to be approuved.




And finally monitor your traffic increase.


Please let me know in the comment if you know other services like this one and I will add them.



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The Internet Time Machine helps you know the next trends

July 22 2010, 19:01pm

Posted by adrien

What if marketers could know what would be the next online niche market?


This is the perfect dream for internet marketing to know where the demand is going and how big is the supply.

If the demand is below the supply, then there is an obvious opportunity for marketers to invest this market.


Have a look on this video presentation to understand the potential of this affiliate marketing.



Thanks to the best new search engine developped by NowRelevant, you can search in the past...


Let me show you how it works


When you log in the ITM online, you will have a dashboard like this one below.




Then you will be able to sort all the last search according your criteria.

So you can analyse the top search trends and match your business with them.


For example one of the top trend is "Allergic Reaction". It seems to get more and more searches.


It means it's the right time to provide some product to heal it ;-)




If you go on the website and you start searching for a product such as the ipad, you will be able to move the slider to see how many requests it matches since 1 to 14 days.


So you can have an idea of the trend for the topic... Of course if more and more people are speaking and writing about the ipad it means it's becoming more and more popular and sales should obviously grow.


This complex search engine is indexing more than 55 million sources, mainly blogs and is blacklisting SEO and dummy sites for more accuracy.




Note that is you have a blog and you think this service is valuable you can easily take part in their PPC program and they will give you 20% of  your referals into the PPC program.

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How Social Media Mashups will improve Engagement and Monetization

July 21 2010, 16:43pm

Posted by adrien

This is a guest blog post by Marat Galperin, Co-Founder of

ucubd-logo.pngAs bloggers we are constantly looking for ways to make our blogs more interesting.  It goes without saying that it’s important to write well and to know our audience and focus on topics relevant to it.  However, these days it may not be enough to simply write good blog posts and assume that our readers will be sufficiently entertained.  So what more can we do?  I have found that creating new multimedia experiences for our readers by mashing together various social media content is an effective way to increase audience engagement and drive more traffic.

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” it then would logically follow that a video has to be worth a lot more.  Of course I’m not telling you anything new by suggesting that you should use video embeds in your blogs to pique your readers’ interest.  We already know that embedding multimedia content such as web video, flash games and other widgets is an effective way to get your audience actively involved.

What I’m proposing is a different approach.  Why not get more value out of your embeds by embedding more than one thing at a time?  For instance you could enhance that YouTube video you were planning on embedding by combining it with a related Twitter feed.   Thus, your YouTube video will come equipped with its own reader “comments”.  Your readers will not only get the opportunity to enjoy the video but they’ll be able to see what the Twitter community thinks about it as well.  As a result your audience will likely be more engaged by consuming this YouTube & Twitter combination than by the “commentless” YouTube video alone.

You can also consider the multimedia mashup as a blog post contained within itself.  It is sometimes a challenge to consistently come up with compelling content for our blogs.  Why not use the creative energy of millions of YouTube and Twitter users to help us put together blog posts on current hot topics without investing a ton of time?  You can write a short intro and supplement it with the YouTube/Twitter mashup.  Your audience can enjoy the video and stay engaged by reading the endless flow of tweets.

What if you don’t have a YouTube video handy? No problem.  Just think of a topic and we’ll do the work of finding the relevant YouTube videos and Twitter feed and mashing them together.  Can’t think of a current hot topic?  Not to worry, just use Twitter’s trending topics and create a compelling YouTube & Twitter mashup in seconds.


The mashing together of multimedia content will not only increase engagement but can also help you monetize your blog.  We can take that same YouTube video and combine it with the Amazon product widget.  Your readers can enjoy watching the video and observe related Amazon products right next to it.  It is the best of both worlds.  The viewing experience is not interrupted by having an advertisement intrude on the video in any way and yet the products remain highly visible.  This particular YouTube & Amazon combination should result in a higher conversion rate than having the traditional Amazon sidebar which may or may not show content-related products and is not in the main view.

Some videos maybe better suited to be mashed together with MP3s rather than products.  Amazon provides an MP3 music list widget that can be combined together with video.  Your readers can enjoy watching a YouTube music video and then listen to related Amazon MP3 tracks and purchase them right on the spot.
Another advantage of using the multimedia mashup over traditional affiliate marketing is the potential of making money outside of your blog.  The Amazon widget contained within the mashup stores your Amazon affiliate code.  As readers embed the mashup on other websites and blogs or link to it, your affiliate code travels along with it.  The mashup that started on your blog can now continue to work hard for you on other websites and help you get more value out of your affiliate marketing.  In fact, this opens up a new way to take advantage of popular web videos.  You now have a great incentive to leverage viral content by attaching your affiliate campaign to it.  If your mashup goes viral that means your affiliate campaign just went viral as well.

My company (you cubed) was created to give bloggers and web publishers an opportunity to effectively leverage popular social media content.  We have built a mashup platform that will allow you to add more value to your stand-alone embeds.  The best thing about our technology is that it’s free and easy.  It literally takes seconds to create a mashup using our platform.  All one needs to create a mashup is a YouTube embed code.  Our system will automatically analyze the video and render related tweets from Twitter or products from Amazon next to it.  Our mashups are not limited to YouTube, other embeddable video and widgets will work as well. We're also currently working on building a variety of mashup templates that will offer users more options beyond Twitter and Amazon.
Give this a shot, have fun, make some money and let us know what you think.

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Wikio Studio: earn money by sharing your shopping experience

April 30 2010, 15:00pm

Posted by adrien

Wikio Studio is a new way to earn money online by writing product reviews or good deal offers.

You don't need to own any websites or blogs as your article will be hosted directly on Wikio Studio.

Wikio Studio will pay you between 3 euros and 8 euros per article, not bad!

I think this is a really good service for anyone who wants to work from home or get extra money in addition to their job.

I bet student will love it.





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Earn money with pay per post on your blog with Ebuzzing UK

March 4 2010, 19:37pm

Posted by adrien

When it comes to monetisation of your blog, the best way to monetise is with good content either on your editorial part or on your side bar.


Ebuzzing, a French company, could help you to efficiently monetise your website as they are now fully operational in UK.

If you have a blog you can now register on for free and start earning money in 2 different ways:


Article Campaigns

If Ebuzzing has a campaign that is relevant to the topic of your blog, you will receive an email with a brief and a price offer.

If you are interested in this campaign, you can directly start writing on their editor on the Ebuzzing platform.

You will have all the materials you need to write a good post, with pictures and contents at your disposal to make it look good.

Once your post is written, you'll submit it, they will review it and approve it quickly.

All the links will be in nofollow so it won't penalize your Google seo.

In addition, you can also apply for any campaigns you are eligible for via your ebuzzing dashboard.

Video Advertising

The ebuzzing video advertising offer is based on a rollover activation. This means the player will start as soon as the mouse pointer rolls over the player. They have 2 options:


Video campaigns with a dedicated player

This is an ideal solution if you want to manually select the campaigns you will display on your blog, and you can choose to put them in the side bar, or if you want to you have a unique code to place within an article.


Video campaigns using “syndicated players” and banners : player and banners

This is the best solution to monetise your sidebar or ad space on your blog as ebuzzing broadcasts automatically new campaigns within the player.

It's a good way to be sure you will have fresh content without any manual work.


Of course the player has different sizes and layouts. Below you can see the 300x250.


screen player home


And below you can see the banner size.




Of course you can combine all these options if you want to optimise your blog revenue.

Ebuzzing is paying via paypal.

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