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Top 10 viral video in August 2010 by goviral network

September 8 2010, 14:30pm

Posted by adrien

Top 10 viral video campaign with goviral network  – August 2010

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1.    Gillette – Amazing Roger Federer Trickshot



This video has been circulating the web in the period leading up to the 2010 US Open tennis tournament. In the video tennis superstar Roger Federer performs an amazing and very tricky shot to knock a can off the head of a crew member during a Gillette advertising shoot. The video, which seems believable but still leaves viewers in doubt whether it is real or fake, has generated more than 6 million views.

2.    Heal the Bay – The Majestic Plastic Bag



This video – named a mockumentary – is a satirical look at the lifecycle of a plastic bag narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons. The video details the threats a single-use plastic bag encounters in ‘the wild’ and its journey through “the open plains of the asphalt jungle.” The video has achieved more than 690.000 views and is produced by activist group ‘Heal the Bay’ in support of California’s recent plastic bag ban.
Agency: DDB, Los Angeles

3.    SNCF – Bienvenue, Au Revoir



Not long ago, the biggest trend within online branded videos was flash mobs – some videos more entertaining than others. In this video, SNCF, the French National Railway Corporation, have taken the concept a little bit further by making a personalized welcome and send-off for six surprised travelers to promote its online booking service.
Agency: DDB, Paris

4.    Carlton Draught – Slow Mo



Slow motion videos have been widely used in the past but this video for Carlton Draught still manages to bring something new to the table with its beautiful execution and funny shots. The video is shot in super slow motion and showcases the daily life at the pub – all accompanied by an amended Puccini soundtrack.
 Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

5.    Cadbury – I Gotta Be Me (Flying Ostrich)



With the aim to make people feel the same joy they experience when they eat Cadbury Dairy Milk, the focus of this video is an Ostrich and the joy it would find in flying. The video slowly reveals the mission of the Ostrich while the song “I Gotta Be Me” by Sammy Sammy Davis Jr. works perfectly together with the visuals to create a very sweet short story.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Johannesburg

6.    PUMA –  After Hours Athlete



PUMA has taken a charming new angel on the passion of athletes in this video that honors the After Hours Athlete. The video is part of the new “PUMA Social” integrated campaign in which they “applaud the champions of late night games, from ping pong to foosball to phone numbers, and they wholeheartedly encourage the 5AM cab over the 5AM run.” The focus on everyday people which are just as dedicated as traditional sports athletes is both fun and refreshing.
Agency: Droga5

7.    Google – New Baby



Google’s search story video series first drew attention with the widely successful “Parisian Love” video that told the story of an American finding love in Paris. The latest in the series of sweet videos is “New Baby” which tells the (search) story of a dad adjusting to becoming a new father. Google encourages people to make their own search story videos with only a few Google searches and a little music. 
Agency: Google Creative Lab

8.    V Energy – Pomparkour Ladder Sport



This video shows a group of guys doing some very crazy stunts and tricks. Pompakour is a new urban extreme sport that is a mash up of parkour and ladder climbing. The video is created by V Energy, a brand from New Zealand, to promote their Guarana Energy drink.
Agency: Colenso BBDO

9.    Drench – Cubehead



Cubehead is a very well produced – yet a little creepy – video featuring a puzzled man trying to solve his own Rubik’s style puzzle head. With the classic song Oops Upside Your Head by the Gap Band, the man walks down a tube station with a baffled head.  By keeping his brain topped up with Juicy drench he manages to solve the puzzle.
Agency: CHI & Partners

10.    ORBIT – The Dancer



The second episode in the new web series from Orbit chewing gum is labeled the “The Dancer.” In this episode Jason Bateman is caught in another unusually dirty situation: performing on the main stage of a strip club. Again, Orbit gum is used to clean up the dirty situation.
Agency: Electus / DumbDumb / Energy BBDO

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Google logo in black and white coulouring while typing

September 8 2010, 11:42am

Posted by adrien

Have you seen Google's logo on its homepage today?




It's all black and white but when you start typing one letter in the search bar the logo is coulouring...



and the second...



and the third...


and the fourth...


and the fifth...


and the sixth...


Pretty cool!

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How to use Social Media to bargain a Skoda car

September 8 2010, 11:23am

Posted by adrien

Each facebook like is 1 euro off a Skoda Car as it says on the banner: The more you like, the less you pay.


So it means the value of 1 like on facebook is worth 1 euro of Social Media communication for the brand!


Your likes are valuable.




Advertiser: Skoda


via Mister Viral

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Facebook social search redirects to links your friends like

September 8 2010, 08:08am

Posted by adrien

I don't know when it has been released but I discovered it today: the facebook social search is redirecting you out of facebook to the sites your friends like.

When I type "google" in the facebook search bar follow by enter, it's opening a target blank tab with the reuters website as you can see below.




Below is the result of the search.




So do you think facebook will include sponsored search results in these social search?

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Play in the next pornstar Clara Morgane movie

September 8 2010, 07:31am

Posted by adrien

Clara Morgane, the famous sexy pornstar, is offering the opportunity to 3 guys and 3 girls to play in her next movie clip!


You can try your chance on



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Zahia Burger Quick fake print advertising campaign

September 7 2010, 21:17pm

Posted by adrien

Zahia the prostitute of the French football team is used in a new way...




Advertiser: Fake Quick ad

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Tweaking Router

September 7 2010, 17:34pm

Posted by adrien

Matt's genius is usually locked safely away in his brain. But we take a step not only through Matt's front door, but into his mind's eye, to see your internet connection the way he does. See if you can pick up some tips to make your connection faster in 'Matt's House'

Advertiser: Be Broadband

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Coca Cola Coke Village holiday to feed facebook

September 7 2010, 17:07pm

Posted by adrien

Awesome social media strategy with the Coca Cola Village!

How a brand can be sure that it will appear on holiday photos uploaded on facebook?

Easy, create a free holiday village with your Coca Cola Coke logo all around the place, invite guests to come for 3 days and give them free wifi access plus computer connected to internet...

And they will start posted on facebook thousands of photos and status related to the Coca Cola Village.

A very clever way to invade your friend's feed on facebook with organic branded content.

Well done Coke, I am impressed!



Advertiser: Coca Cola Coke

Agency: Publicis E-dologic

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Google bubbles home page logo for buckyballs 25th birthday

September 7 2010, 11:34am

Posted by adrien

Today the Google homepage is starring a Google logo made with bubbles that will dispatch and follow your mouse cursor.

This special logo is to celebrate buckyballs 25th birthday.





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The city is invaded by Mini cars

September 7 2010, 09:22am

Posted by adrien

New viral video campaign for Mini happening in Italy with a bunch of Mini Cars racing in the streets...



Advertiser: Mini

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