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How to help people with cancer in video

December 3 2010, 09:51am

Posted by adrien

To raise awareness about the people who live with cancer, Leo Burnett has released this sensible video.



Advertiser: Mimi Foundation

Agency: Leo Burnett

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How fat is America in infographic

December 3 2010, 09:48am

Posted by adrien

Don't supersize me, the new infographic about the caloric intake of America


Don't SuperSize Me

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Top 10 viral videos in november 2010 by goviral

December 2 2010, 14:25pm

Posted by adrien

goviral is revealing the top 10 viral videos for the month of november.

1. T-Mobile - Welcome Back



The latest T-Mobile flash mob event advert video titled has been released a month ago.

In that period it has managed to generate more than 4.6 million online views, which is
very impressive. It was produced at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, and shows arriving
passengers being given a welcome home to remember, with actors disguised as normal
passengers and people starting singing from all sides. The video has until now had more
than 82.000 shares, but still has some distance to cover if the aim is to achieve same
results as the first T-mobile ad.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London

2. Nike - Lebron Rise

With great power, comes great responsibility. We’re pretty sure LeBron James is

feeling that heat too. Nike Basketball invites us to think about the differences between
expectations others have of James, and expectations James has for himself. The video has
gotten over 4.2 million views within the last month and does seem to continue rising.

Agency: Wieden+Kenndy, New York

3. American Express - Conan O'Brien

In the latest American Express commercial Conan O'Brien, writer for Saturday Night

Live and the Simpsons, travels to India in his quest to perfect every last detail for his
upcoming performance. If you're as serious about entertainment as Conan is, every detail
counts. Even though the video originally is a TVC it has had over 1.5 million hits and
11.000 shares in little less than a month.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

4. Redbull - "Way Back Home"

Way Back Home is the incredible new riding clip from Redbull, it follows pro rider

Danny MacAskill on a journey from Edinburgh back to his hometown Dunvegan. It
is a somewhat classic Redbull sponsored production where we see Danny make some
incredible stunts on his BMX bike through the whole video. The video has since the 16.
Nov. gotten almost 3 million views which is very impressive for this kind of video.

Agency: In-house Redbull

5. Batelco – Infinity

The Bahrain located telecommunications company Batelco has created a video which

puts them in a league for themselves. Prepare yourself before pressing play, since once
you start the “Batelco – Infinity” video your eyes will be glued to your monitor for
the next three minutes. It is an impressive display of what happens if we just let our
imagination run wild. It has only been online for less than two weeks and therefore only
the 300.000 views, which isn’t allot considering the great content.

Agency: FP7/BAH, Bahrain

6. Alphabet Photography - Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

The small Canadian photo company Alphabet Photography has made a rip-off of

the “classic” T-Mobile Dance from 2009. The video features a mall in Canada where
unsuspecting shoppers get a big surprise, while enjoying their lunch, as over 100
disguised actors suddenly start singing Christmas Hallelujah Chorus. The idea itself is not
new, but the result is astonishing. The video has managed to generate more than 5 million
views in less than two weeks.

Agency: In-House Alphabet Photography, Canada

7. Keep a Child Alive - Digital Death

This ad made for the organisation Keep a Child Alive (KCA) has chosen a very

unorthodox approach for raising aid funds. Wednesday, December 1, World AIDS Day,
world celebs like Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy,
Usher, Serena Williams, Elijah Wood, and many others will end their digital lives and
sign off from all social networking platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. The
message in the video is that they will not come back online until $1 million has been

collectively raised for KCA.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

8. Rokk Vodka – “Dream”

Rokk Vodka has called on comedy trio The Lonely Island to create a humorous

commercial, “The Dream”. The video is featuring three guys, a Viking and a dreamy
woman presenting an ad with a big ego. What makes this video stand out is the seemingly
sober approach of presenting the vodka as stylish and exclusive when it suddenly changes
into the trio sitting in a water fountain while being overly smashed. The video has
received Almost 200.000 views since the 20th of Nov.

Agency: The Lonely Island members

9. Epson - Printer vs. Racing Car

Can an Epson inkjet print a racetrack faster than a race car can drive it? This is the focus

of a new online video ad for Epson which is featuring a race car driving a lab while a
printer installed in the car is printing a picture of it. Epson claims to have one of the
fastest printers in the world, see if they are right. The video is from October, but has just
been noticed now. Even though it has only managed to receive 130.00 views it still makes
the top 10 due to the good content.

Agency: Albion, London

10. Volkswagen - Fun theory / The Speed Camera Lottery

Volkswagen’s Fun Theory experiments have been all about proving that people will
do the right thing if you give them the right incentives. The latest idea comes from,
Kevin Richardson, an American whose idea was selected during a contest for the next
Fun Theory experiment. In this video the challenge is to make keeping the speed limit
rewarding. Considering that The Fun Theory is “old news” 85.000 views since 12 Nov. is
considerate decent.

Agency: DDB, Stockholm

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Pilot Frixion evolution viral video campaign

December 2 2010, 09:00am

Posted by adrien

Really cool video made with a pen, simply a pen!



Advertiser: Pilot Frixion

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TSA Airport security and body scanner infographic

December 2 2010, 08:46am

Posted by adrien

The introduction of the body scanner in the airport is going wild!


TSA Gone Wild

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Troy Anthony Davis behind the bars by Amnesty International video

December 1 2010, 17:25pm

Posted by adrien

Using street art on bars, Amnesty has painted the face of Troy Anthony Davis...



Advertiser: Amnesty International

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Save as PDF to save the trees video

December 1 2010, 14:10pm

Posted by adrien

WWF is encouraging people to print less and save as PDF.



Advertiser: WWF

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Lady Gaga is dead - digital death for

December 1 2010, 09:59am

Posted by adrien

A lot of stars are digitally dead for a good cause!




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Will the babe swallow it? viral video campaign

November 30 2010, 16:47pm

Posted by adrien

Actionaid is attacking Grolsch’s owner SABMiller with this punchy video.



Advertiser: Actionaid

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Mammoth supply real man food video

November 30 2010, 15:53pm

Posted by adrien

The first yogurt for real men!



Advertiser: Fronterra Mammoth

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