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Best japanese sushi commercial ever

February 17 2011, 17:54pm

Posted by adrien

One japanese guy is taking off his clothes in front of a japanese girl doing the same...



Advertiser: 銀のさらCM 出会い


via @twenycent

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Top 10 viral video for February 2011 by goviral (AOL)

February 17 2011, 12:38pm

Posted by adrien

goviral-new-logoThe new top 10 viral video for the month of February 2011 with goviral now part of the AOL family.






Volkswagen - The Force


The verdict is in, and Volkswagen’s “The Force,” starring 6-year-old “Little Darth Vader” Max Page, won the online battle of the Super Bowl ads by far. With just under 30 million views online there is no doubt about who made the best ad at this year’s Super Bowl. So what’s that worth to VW in Super Bowl terms? About $538,470 in free media when benchmarked against the $3 million cost for 30 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl.

Agency: Deutsch, USA

Doritos - House Rules


The Doritos' ad featuring a tough kid slapping some sense into his mother's date stole the show as the most-watched Super Bowl ad, according to data collected by the TiVo "Stop Watch" service however it “only” got 7 million views online which only qualifies it for a second place on our top 10 list.  For a second straight year Doritos let the public create its Super Bowl ads. And evidently is seems the public knows what the public wants.

Agency: None     

produced by: Joelle De Jesus, Hollywood

KLM Personal Space Experiment


We have found another nice campaign from KLM. They aim to introduce their new and improved Europe Business Class through this campaign. The most important new asset is ‘personal space’. To prove the human need for this personal space KLM conducted a social experiment, using candid camera. In the video the audience observes what happens when people’s personal space is invaded hand how it may lead to discomfort. The campaign was put online 8 th of Feb. And has only had 25.000 views so far, but we expect that to change soon.  

Agency: DDB, Amsterdam

Brisk - Eminem Super Bowl Commercial

 Eminem's Super Bowl ad for Lipton Brisk is a commercial about why the rapper doesn't do commercials. The spot features a Claymation Eminem and the rapper's real voice, explaining what happens when he gets asked to endorse products. Eminem has been one of the hottest artists in music since the release of 'Recovery,' one of the best-selling records of 2010. At the time being the video has gotten over 3 million views which is amazing for a TVC, even when aired during the Super Bowl.

Agency: Mekanism , San FranciscoKraft - Macaroni & Cheese

“What’s so special about this one?” you may wonder. Well, the reason that more than
a million people have seen this video is the voice-over of Ted Williams – the former
homeless man with the golden voice. Kraft hired Williams soon after this amateur
video became a web sensation and prompted appearances on Dr. Phil and NBC's
Today. Even the making-of video has a quarter-million views on YouTube so far.

Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, USA

Spanair - Unexpected Luggage

Few people would like to spend their holidays on an airplane, away from their loved ones.
Spanair also realised this and decided to welcome the passengers of Christmas Eve
flight JK5208 to their destination with a personal gift. Upon their arrival, people are
amazed to see Christmas presents with their names on it going around the luggage
belt. So far, the video has had 245,000 views and 3,300 Facebook.

Agency: Shackleton, Spain

Chrysler - Imported From Detroit

The instantly recognizable opening sounds of Eminem's “ Lose Yourself ” is the audio backdrop for the new Chrysler 'Imported From Detroit' commercial.  We see downtown Detroit at its finest, as Eminem guides the new mid-size Chrystler 200 through the - Motor City's - most visually stunning landmarks, including massive industrial complexes, thriving cosmopolitans and even boarded up buildings. The video has had more than 6 million online views which is a amazing considering that the commercial is 2 minutes long.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, USA

Coca-Cola - Border

This 2011 Super Bowl Coke-Cola commercial featuring two thirsty border guards was pretty unique, and many people chose the ad as their Super Bowl commercial favourite. In the video the border guards, on opposing sides, put their differences aside for a moment to enjoy a Coke. It is a very predictable ending, but nevertheless Coca-Cola is the master of the feel-good, come-together commercial. The video has had more than a million viewers, but considering it was aired during the Super Bowl we would have expected a better online performance.

Agency: W&K Portland, USA

Best Buy - Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne

Three weeks prior to the Super Bowl, Justin Bieber Tweeted that he was filming a commercial, he couldn't really tell followers what it entailed, but "when you guys find out it's gonna be funny as heck." In this Best Buy video, Justin is featured in contrast to Ozzy Osbourne, who is out of touch with the latest technology. If the video is as fun as Justin thinks it is can be debated, but never the less the more than 2 million online views are very impressive for a normal TVC.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky , USA

Volkswagen - Black Beetle

Even though this video is every insect enthusiasts dream it is not a nature film, but the latest video promoting Volkswagen's new 21st Century Beetle, set to arrive this fall. The video does not only stand out due to its use of insects imitating cars, but also the sound track “Black Betty” from Spiderbait gives it a special something. The video is only 30 seconds long and very intense which might be one of the reasons as to why it works so well online with more than 3.4 million views.
Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles

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Infograhic about video rental industry - Netflix

February 17 2011, 09:36am

Posted by adrien

Netflix takes over prime time!


How Netflix Destroyed Blockbuster


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Sexy fat model after photoshop video

February 16 2011, 18:04pm

Posted by adrien

It's crazy what Photoshop can achieve!



Agency: Cake

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Race between girl in bikini and a Nissan Juke car video

February 16 2011, 13:13pm

Posted by adrien

How surprising is that campaign...



Advertiser: Nissan Juke

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Sexy sumos car wash video

February 16 2011, 09:33am

Posted by adrien

Some sexy japanese sumos are prmoting the new Subaru Forester car.



Advertiser: Subaru

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iPhone Nano photo

February 15 2011, 17:42pm

Posted by adrien

Apple is about to release the new iPhone product: the iPhone Nano.

As you can see on the picture, the iPhone Nano is 30% smaller than the iPhone 4 but the screen is almost as big.

It looks really nice. Can't wait to have it.



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Barrel waterfall jump video

February 15 2011, 15:06pm

Posted by adrien

Nice jump in a barrel from a river waterfall...



Advertiser: Boag's Draught

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Barbie and Ken back together in video

February 15 2011, 09:33am

Posted by adrien

What a great news for this mythic couple to get back together for Valentine's Day.



Advertiser: Barbie

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Sexy babes dressed in angels video

February 14 2011, 18:31pm

Posted by adrien

Axe is presenting the new angels in the heaven on earth...



Advertiser: Axe

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