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ChatVille facebook application for Chatroulette

May 24 2010, 13:16pm

Posted by adrien

ChatVille is the first application on Facebook that allows you to connect with Facebook users via Chatroulette.


You can get the free ChatVille facebook application for free here.




Website: ChatVille

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Bart Simpson in real in London viral video

May 24 2010, 11:14am

Posted by adrien

Every 6 months, Work Club, a London based ad agency, invites an up and coming artist to decorate its 22m long blackboard wall.

This time Bart Simpson (in fact illustrator Matt Williams) was invited to come over on his skateboard and take over the office with every single line he's ever written on the Springfield Elementary School blackboard.

It took Matt Williams two days, 20 white markers, 288 lines and 7697 characters to complete his lines


Agency: Work Club London

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Marmite toast art painting Simon Cowell viral video

May 24 2010, 08:59am

Posted by adrien

A new way of art in this viral video thanks to Nathan Wyburn.

He is painting Simon Cowell with Marmite marmelade on Toast because you either love him or hate him.



Advertiser: Marmite

by Nathan Wyburn

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Nonsense viral videos for the Culture Week

May 23 2010, 17:32pm

Posted by adrien

The Culture Week happening in Italy has launched a serie of nonsense viral videos to draw young italian people's attention to real art.



Advertiser: Culture Week

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Milan, Italy

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Inflatable advertising billboard for a fizzy drink viral video

May 23 2010, 08:34am

Posted by adrien

Icredible ambient media in Thailand with a fizzy billboard.



In Thailand Singha Soda has been around for such a long time, people think it's the only brand with fizz.

People don't open their minds to other soda brands.

How do we tell them there is another brand bubbling under?

So we show them in a way that you can' miss the fizz

Fizzy billboard

Making people aware of our brand, Chang Soda, before they go party

The fizz came out at 7 p.m. every friday and saturday for a month


Advertiser: Chang Soda

Agency: JEH United

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Get Windows 7 for free with alarm viral video

May 22 2010, 17:48pm

Posted by adrien

It's not cheating is the viral marketing campaign for Windows 7 for student in Australia.



Advertiser: Microsoft Windows 7

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Chatroulette sexy naked girl bingo viral video

May 22 2010, 08:45am

Posted by adrien

When you play Chatroulette for free sex  and you find a naked babe, it's a bingo!

Download the free sexy chatroulette bingo for free



Bingo, you're now in touch with a HIV infected person

Don't play russian roulette in real life




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Smiley advertising billboard viral video

May 21 2010, 16:56pm

Posted by adrien

A simple ambient media idea to animated a billboard without artwork...



Advertiser: Licht für die Welt

Agency: PKP BBDO

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How to organise an ice cream orgy at the office

May 21 2010, 08:40am

Posted by adrien

A viral video for the Energy drink Amp with a robotic ice cream dealer at the office.



Advertiser: Amp Energy Drink

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The Better Marriage Blanket avoid odour smell viral video

May 20 2010, 08:36am

Posted by adrien

A non-sense viral video for a non-sense product: The Better Marriage Blanket.




Advertiser: The Better Marriage Blanket

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