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Will you like the Facebook fan page for Mastercom?

July 2 2010, 11:09am

Posted by adrien

I am not 100% convinced about this Mastercom facebook fan page but as some of you are willing it...


Here we are... Feel free to like or comment or criticize...



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Water curtain message to fight against dirty water

July 2 2010, 10:39am

Posted by adrien

An efficient way to speak about water with water in this viral video campaign for a NGO.



Advertiser: Solidarités Internationale

Agency: BDDP Unlimited

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Art with an Electrolux Vacuumer viral video

July 2 2010, 09:16am

Posted by adrien

A piece of art with a vaccumer in this viral video campaign.




Performance Through Art


Advetiser: Electrolux

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Top 10 viral video in June 2010 by goviral network

July 1 2010, 12:16pm

Posted by adrien

top 10 viral videos logo

Top 10 viral video campaign by the brand content distribution agency: goviral  – June 2010

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1.    adidas Originals – Star Wars™ Cantina 2010



This latest video from adidas’ The Street Where Originality Lives campaign combines Star Wars, adidas and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Once again, adidas invites you to follow celebrities such as David Beckham, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, Franz Beckenbauer, Noel Gallagher and Ciara. However, the video even more extraordinarily also features appearances from Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. adidas has simply integrated new shots of David Beckham, Snoop Dogg and friends into old original Star Wars footage. The result is a funny and creative re-make of a classic Star Wars movie scene and the 2010 FIFA World Cup taken to a whole new galaxy.
Agency – Sid Lee, Montreal


2.    Volkswagen – The Slide



The Slide video is part of the Fast Lane campaign – a video series consisting of three clips created by Volkswagen to promote the new Polo GTI. Fast Lane is dedicated to everyone who loves to go beyond the regular, who is curious for new stuff and who simply enjoys to speed it all up a little. In this video, people are confronted with a surprising fun alternative when standing at the top of a long staircase. Next to it is a slide leading all the way to the bottom. Which way would you opt for? The two remaining videos of the series are The Elevator and The Shopping Carts.
Agency – Tribal DDB, Hamburg


3.    Head – Andy Murray Tennis Street Magic in London



In this video tennis player Andy Murray brings his tennis skills to the streets of London. The video is created for Head to raise attention for this year’s Wimbledon Championships. The video shows Andy Murray walking around London in good mood playing street tennis in alleyways and on rooftops. Throughout the video, Murray demonstrates a superb touch with his HEAD YouTek Radical Pro racket as well as with his feet. He both juggles the tennis ball as was it a football and hits numerous targets with extreme precision and accuracy.


4.    Visit Iceland – Inspired by Iceland


In times where the focus is on volcanoes and financial crisis this video from Visit Iceland aims to show that Iceland is more alive than ever, bursting with energy, activity and hospitality. The Inspired by Iceland video shows us all the beauty of Iceland’s landscape and scenery, accompanied by a lot of dancing people and the very catchy song Jungle Drum by the Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini. The video takes us through many of the beautiful places on Iceland but also through many of the exciting activities possible on the island such as skinny dipping in hot springs or fishing for salmon.


5.    Coca-Cola Zero & Mentos – The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car



The title of this video pretty much explains itself. The creators of the very successful Diet Coke + Mentos experiment a couple of years ago are now back with a new video. This time they utilize the combination of 108 bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos mints to propel the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car 221 feet forward. The entire experiment is sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero and Mentos. As with every other experiment, it is performed on a closed track and should not be attempted at home without any professional help.
Agency – EepyBird


6.    ORBIT GUM – The Prom Date



Orbit Dirty Shorts presents The Prom Date, which is the first of a new web content series from Orbit gum that highlights unusually dirty situations and how Orbit cleans them up. In the video, we see what happens when actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett take on the dirty world of student and teacher dating - and how the parents of the student involved react.
Agency – Electus / DumbDumb / Energy BBDO


7.    McDonalds & Coca Cola – T-shirt wars 2



As a sequel to their original T-shirt War video, the comedy due Rhett&Link created the T-shirt war 2 video for McDonalds and Coca Cola to be promoted on TV and the Internet. The videos are created with stop-motion technique and one can only imagine how many times they have had to change shirts as they took individual pictures of each unique shirt - the designs on the shirts were not photoshopped. The video is a nice example of how user generated content turns into advertising. Originally planned for TV the video performs well on the Internet with more than 1 million views and more than 400.000 views for the very good behind-the-scenes video.


8.    GMC – Dude Perfect: The Cliff Jump Shot



GMC has teamed up with Dude Perfect, a group of six college students from Texas, to promote their new vehicle; the GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty. The campaign is called Heavy Duty Pickup Games and consists of seven different videos. Dude Perfect have made a name for themselves by performing amazingly challenging basketball shots that nobody else would think possible on camera, and that is exactly also what they do in this campaign. From the title, the video The Cliff Jump Shot is rather self-explanatory as they successfully make a basketball shot jumping from a 25 feet high cliff.
Agency – Leo Burnett, Detroit


9.    Sapporo - Legendary Biru



This very beautifully detailed two minute video is created to promote the Japanese beer brand Sapporo. It takes you on a vividly animated journey through the history of Japan. The overall concept of the video was to create an other-worldly visual experience that would gradually tell the story of how Sapporo beer is crafted. The video includes many traditional symbols from Japanese culture such as sumo wrestlers, samurai warriors and geishas.
Agency – Dentsu, Canada


10.    Tuborg – Tuborg Big Ears



To promote Tuborg’s sponsorship of several music festivals in the UK during the summer, they have created this old school scientific lecture video hosted by ear scientist Dr Maurice Van Winkleton. The video, and Dr Maurice Van Winkleton’s lecture, features 89 years old Stan who has ‘massiveearius’, and  due to his big ears he is the current champion of Tuborg’s Beat The Intro - a game where the objective is to guess a song as quickly as possible from a 10 second intro.
Agency – M&C Saatchi, London

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Play with the dick banner and chase the pussy

July 1 2010, 08:57am

Posted by adrien

Following their great viral video with the lonely dick in the toilet , AIDES is back with an interactive banner starring a dick.


Here is the video of the banner in action and to play with the dick and the pussy it's here.



Advertiser: AIDES

Agency: Wanda (TBWA)

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Corporate Occult: sex at the office can kill

July 1 2010, 07:37am

Posted by adrien

Violent viral video with a guy and a girl having sex at the office...



by Cédric Blaisbois

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Astronut, Battlesheep, Jetleg Google mocking search spelling errors

June 30 2010, 14:14pm

Posted by adrien

3 excellent print campaigns for Google mocking accidental misspelling while searching for Astronut Astronaut, Battlesheep Battleship and Jetleg Jetlag.



Astronut, did you mean Astronaut?



atronut did you mean astronaut


Battlesheep, did you mean Battleship?


battlesheep did you mean battleship


Jetleg, did you mean Jetlag?


jetleg did you mean jetlag


Advertiser: Google

Agency: Grey Istanbul

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Flying polar bear in foam for Panasonic viral video

June 30 2010, 11:43am

Posted by adrien

New Panasonic viral video with flying polar bear made in foam

Advertiser: Panasonic

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Valley Strip Tease Club old commercial video

June 30 2010, 09:16am

Posted by adrien

An old local commercial for a strip club with a doctor working on implant to a young lady...



Advertiser: Valley Strip Club

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Rediscover your world with Unearthed, a free iPhone 3GS app

June 29 2010, 14:29pm

Posted by adrien

Join a global effort to investigate mysterious paranormal activity in Unearthed, Gyrovation's newest augmented reality app. Scan your surroundings to take photos of alien creatures, and upload them to the Agency servers where they track the progress across the world.  Your performance gets ranked against others in your city, state, country, and planet, earning you credits to spend toward upgrading to more powerful features.  The map and recent news screens let you follow activity around the world, and the network screen enable you to refer other agents to join your scanning network to further the cause.  Even better,  the larger your network is, the more credit you get for your scans.
Every area begins in Uncharted status, and as you and others in your area upload data, it will progresses through different status levels unlocking new modes of play for that area including a GPS Bounty mode and a team hunt Blitz mode.
Get your town on the Unearthed map and join the search!
Get the free app here.
More information here.

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