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Chatroulette 2: the new version is coming - chatrt 2

August 25 2010, 11:29am

Posted by adrien

Chatroulette is about to launch the 2.0 version of their website!


It may look like a mix of all these chatroulette clones.





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How to break up with your boyfriend by text

August 25 2010, 08:40am

Posted by adrien

This girl is breaking up with her boyfriend by text, email, phone call...



Advertiser: Sprint

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

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Japanese student girls cutting their wrist viral video

August 24 2010, 17:47pm

Posted by adrien

Weird spoof commercial from japan with japanese student using cutter to cut themselves


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Basketball skydiving viral video

August 24 2010, 09:18am

Posted by adrien

Amazing performance with skydivers playing basketball in the air!



Advertiser: Turkish Airline

Agence: Rabarba, Istanbul


via Mister Viral

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Free hug by a polar bear - HIV viral video campaign

August 24 2010, 08:59am

Posted by adrien

Surprising campaign to raise awareness against HIV...



You can't see HIV but you can prevent it. Use a condom


Advertiser: AIDS

Production Company: Zeitsprung Commercial
Writer/Director: Florian Meimberg
Producer: Fredy Messmer
DoP: Tobias Rupp
Editor: Dieter Reit
Music: Krueger Wilckens Hamburg


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1,000 Mentos + 1,000 Coca = mentos + coca experiment record

August 24 2010, 07:03am

Posted by adrien

Everybody knows about the Mentos + Coca experiment.

Here is the record of the mentos + coca experiment!



Advertiser: Mentos + Coca?

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Create a free website in 5 minutes with

August 24 2010, 00:43am

Posted by adrien allow you to build a free website with free domain name and free hosting solution.

So if you're looking for a good solution to create your online website without spending a dollar it seems this website is for you.


It will make your life easy and provide you with professional results 100% customizable for free.


You will just need 5 minutes to have your website online for free.


Here are the steps to follow:


1. Sign up on the website to activate your account.

2. Select your free domain name like

3. Select your design among the hundreds free templates.

4. Preview your website

5. Customize your template and wording

6. Add your own content

7. Enjoy the result


As you can see below on the interface, you don't need to know a single line of code but you will still get the results of the best developpers!




Check what I have done in 2 clicks for Mastercom below, not bad!




Of course you can add as many extras as you wish on your website in on click like:

- counter

- contact form

- survey

- member area

- newsletter

- background music

- adserver

- and more


If you need any help you can even visit their forum.

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How to make money with your herpes thanks to ebuzzing

August 23 2010, 17:31pm

Posted by adrien

Did you know that you can make money with your herpes?


Thanks to ebuzzing, if you are a blogger with herpes you be paid to blog about herpes!

How cool is that?


I've just found this tweet from ebuzzing looking for bloggers who are experiencing herpes.




Translation: Wanted blogger suffering herpes to test product and blog about it.


This is the most unusual recruitment tweet I have seen so far!

But if you are interested, feel free to contact them. ;-)

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Barbie video girl, the doll with a hidden camera

August 23 2010, 16:46pm

Posted by adrien

Barbie is now featured with an integrated camera to spy who you want to spy...



Advertiser: Mattel

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Tongue sticked on frozen metal

August 23 2010, 12:56pm

Posted by adrien

An advertising campaign for air conditioner provider with a surprising approach.




Advertiser: American Standard

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