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Young people burning like their cigarettes

September 2 2010, 07:27am

Posted by adrien

Beautiful anti smoking video campaign in Sweden.



Advertiser: A Non Smoking Generation Sweden

Copywriters Martina Borg and Katarina Macli
Directed by Terese Andrén,

Cinematography by Mattias Silva fsf

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Female breast protected by a password - Windows XP viral video

September 1 2010, 17:23pm

Posted by adrien

Surprising viral video from Microsoft with a guy trying to open a female's bra...



Advertiser: Microsoft Windows XP

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Women orgasms - the last exorcism viral video

September 1 2010, 07:22am

Posted by adrien

The viral video campaign for the last exorcism movie in Russia!



Advertiser: The Last Exorcism

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What is the future of TV?

August 31 2010, 17:13pm

Posted by adrien

Really cool campaign with 4 viral videos presenting TV as a real abandoned person


TV in the swimming pool



TV in the kitchen



TV in a teenager's bed



TV fight


Advertiser: Logitech Revue

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Interactive advertising billboards that are colours sensitive

August 31 2010, 07:46am

Posted by adrien

This new kind of advertising billboards are colour sensitive.

It means they can interact differently with people according to the colour of their clothes!


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Vivienne Stevenson: cute model doing drugs on facebook

August 30 2010, 17:09pm

Posted by adrien

To raise awareness about drugs, a rehab centre has created with their agency a fake facebook profile.

You can then follow the fake life of a model starting drugs...



Advertiser: Chabad Addiction Rehabilitation Centre

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa

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Big face drawn on fat belly for a Japanese video ad

August 30 2010, 11:26am

Posted by adrien

These japanese guys are so crazy!



Advertiser: something from Japan

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9 things people want about Social Media

August 30 2010, 07:10am

Posted by adrien



According to google search there are 9 main requests for Social Media:


1. Social Media icons

I guess this query is popular amongst blogger and website editors looking to add social bookmarks on their sites.




2. Social Media marketing

All marketing professionals want to know more about this new discipline. This excellent blog can help them.


3. Social Media library

It's the best way to become an expert in social media, have a look on this report from the social media library


4. Social Media jobs

This sector is growing and obviously recruiting more and more high profile social media expert. You can have a look here for job offers.


5. Social Media strategy

A simple presentation about what is a social media strategy



6. Social Media manager

What is a social media manager? And how to become one? here is the answer.


7. Social Media monitoring

To monitor social media, you need tools like trackur.



8. Social Media news

Of course the best source is Mashable


9. Social Media agency

A good start will be to meet with wearesocial agency.




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Pictionary print advertising campaign

August 29 2010, 08:35am

Posted by adrien

3 print ads with a boat, a helicopter and bear drawings for Pictionary









Advertiser: Pictionary

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Art Director: Juan Jose Posada

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Play Mario game on the background footer of a website

August 28 2010, 08:58am

Posted by adrien

This blog has added in the background a Mario game, so if you scroll down to the footer and use the arrows of your keyboard, you will be able to play Mario!


Pretty cool idea!



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