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Mastercom  is a viral marketing blog about viral marketing, social media strategy, twitter advertising, viral video advertising, viral video seeding edited by Adrien de Malherbe.

You'll find the top creative advertising campaign in viral, social media, digital, print, outdoor, TV commercial and more.

Mastercom has been launched in December 2006 by Adrien de Malherbe.


Here are the statistics for Mastercom on July 2011



170,000+ unique visitors

210,000+ page views per month

Google page rank = 5 (PR=5)


Mastercom on social media


5,100+ followers on twitter @malherbe

9,000+ fans on facebook

1,200+ followers on Google+


Mastercom is ranked in the top 100 marketing blog in the world according AdAge ranking Power 150




Mastercom is ranked blog number 1 on overblog platform.





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