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Great Celebrity Meme Generator penny auction site

April 10 2011, 09:25am

Posted by adrien is a new kind of auctions website that allows you to bid on new products. The auction system of the website is working like auctions in real life!
You can get up to 70% to 95% off on tech products such as iPad 16GB, Nintendo, Apple Ipod 8GB, Wii, or Kindle 6". How is it working? is not working like eBay. It’s a penny auction system. Every time someone is placing a bid, a small fee is charged. If you’re the last one to place the bid at the end of the auction, you win the product at the price you have set.
There is no reserve, it means even if you place a 1 penny bid and no one raise this bid, you will receive your item!
You can register for free and buy your first bid package and start the auctions.
Have a look at the video below to understand how it works.


As the products are new and sold directly by the website there is a high level of customer service. It’s 100% safe and no surprises.
This is a new way of buying products at the best price if you’re good at auctions.
Good luck.