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Very good trip: the web reality show for Renault

April 12 2010, 16:54pm

Posted by adrien

Do you fancy an adventure trip with your best friend on the road in a nice coupé car accross Europe?


I guess yes, so let me introduce you to the new Renault concept to promote their last cars the New Renault Mégane Coupé- Cabriolet and the Renault Wind.


Renault is launching a web reality competition that will last 4 weeks.


logo_bleu.jpgVery good trip, the concept:


The web reality show will take place during 4 weeks, from June 14th to July 9th.


8 teams, from different European countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United- Kingdom, Switzerland), will ride through Europe in Renault Coupés- Cabriolet.

They will need to drive 5,000 kilometers facing a lot of challenges on the road and will need to become the favourite team on the web by collecting as many thumbs up as possible.


The winning team will earn 2 new Renault Coupés-Cabriolets, the New Renault Mégane Coupé- Cabriolet and the Renault Wind, including insurance and petrol for a whole year!


GetBinaryImage.jpgVery good trip, the casting:


The casting is taking place from now until the 14th may.


If you want to participate, you need to create a team of 2 and post a creative video CV on


The 8 team that will take part to this challenge will be revealed by the end of May.


Then the teams will start on July 9th in their Renault Coupés- Cabriolets.


You can follow this exciting challenge on facebook here.


Advertiser: Renault