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Very Good Trip the videos of the candidates

June 24 2010, 17:25pm

Posted by adrien

After the launch of the Very Good Trip by Renault, 400 000 unique visitors have followed the casting and the reveal of the candidates.


It's still time to vote for your favourite teams. Have a look on their video presentations to decide which team you want to support.


Obviously you can choose to vote for your country like I did with the French team.


Here is the best of Portraits.



Video presentation: Ana&Manu - Spain




Video presentation: Bari roma - Italy





Video presentation: Les Malbarés - Switzerland





Video presentation: Les Sisters - Belgium





Video presentation: Rob & Denise - Netherlands





Video presentation: Team X-Berg - Germany





Video presentation: TeamTeam -  France





Video presentation: The A Team - UK





Of course you can follow this exciting challenge on facebook here.