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Top steals on facebook

September 24 2010, 07:36am

Posted by adrien

According to the top searches on Google, some people are willing to steal:

- facebook passwords, to get a full access to your account and use your private data for bad reasons.

- facebook friends, certainly to spam them.

- facebook videos, users might want to suck videos in facebook player to reupload them somewhere else.

- facebook fans, stealing fans is for spam and grow artificially their fan pages counter.

- facebook account, to hack your account same as the password to spy your personal messages or just spam your friends.

- facebook cookies, sounds interesting to see that people want to collect facebook cookies certainly to get more info about you and target you some ads or products.

- facebook pictures, this is part of breaky the safety of your privacy

- facebook poker chips, don't know this one but I guess it's a virtual currency to play poker on facebook


So keep safe your password and login if you won't have any troubles, as it appears that more and more people will try to hack your facebook account!