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Top 10 viral video in July 2010 by goviral network

August 4 2010, 08:44am

Posted by adrien

Top 10 viral video campaign with goviral network  – July 2010

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1.    Old Spice – Questions (and Responses)



Do you want a man who smells like he could bake you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built for you with his own hands? Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa – The man your man could smell like – is now back with a new video to continue to the success.  In this video, Isaiah is balancing on a log in a lake, swan diving down a rocky waterfall and taking a dip in a hot tub, on a motorcycle – all in one fast-paced gliding sequence. However, this was just the start, as the video kicked off a series of rapid freshly-made personalized responses from the Old Spice man to fans and celebrities asking him questions via Twitter and YouTube. All together, 186 real time customized video responses were created and posted on Old Spice’s YouTube channel – many of the videos have created views ranging from 100,000 to more than a million. 
Agency – Wieden+Kennedy

2.    Levi’s – Walk Across America



Stop motion videos have proved to be a very good technique for creating successful online video content, and this video is no exception. In only two weeks the video has achieved more than 1.5 million views. The very well done stop motion video features a man walking cost-to-cost across America – as the title indicates – from New York to San Francisco. The production agency and video director pitched the concept of the video to Levi’s, who then bought into the idea and provided free product and sponsorship funds. This may explain the very low Levi’s branding in the video. To document the route of the journey in the video a Google map has been created and there is also the opportunity to watch the behind the scenes video.
Agency – Conscious Minds

3.    Dentyne Pure – Epic Rap Battle



Dentyne has teamed up with intertainers Rhett & Link to create what most precisely can be put as a nerdish rap video. In the video, with the help of the breath-cleansing Dentyne Pure, Rhett & Link engage in a macho – yet nerdy – rap battle in order to win the phone number of a diner waitress. Viewers watching the entire four and a half minute will learn that the efforts pay off at the end. On their blog, Rhett & Link ask viewers; who they think won the rap battle? How they think the story should continue? And if they tried calling Tiffany’s – the waitress’ – phone number.
Agency – Rhett & Link / Platinum Rye / PainePR

4.    Burn (Coca Cola) – Ride



This short film was created alongside two other short-form documentaries by Coca Cola to promote their energy drink Burn. The video is shot in Mexico City, and takes us through the city in the trails of a couple of – literally – flaming skaters. The aim of the low branded video was not to over-romanticize skateboarding but to create a surreal cinematic feel that was original and authentic to the target group. The two other videos of the series, Peepshow and Playground, feature real-life talented rappers and snowboarders.   Whether or not the visually stunning campaign has succeeded in genuinely connecting with these youth cultures is yet to be seen.
Agency – Publicis Mojo, Sydney

5.    Samsung – Redneck Hunter goes to Jail and meets a new “friend”



To promote their Bluetooth hands-free headsets, Samsung has created two funny online videos. In the first video, we saw Redneck Hunter – the main character – out deer hunting in the forest only to be outsmarted by Deer Rudolph and Eagle Eye, which ultimately results in Redneck Hunter being confronted by the law enforcing forest ranger. This second video continues the miseries of the Redneck Hunter as he takes the long walk to meet his new cellmate. The video manages to integrate Samsung’s Bluetooth headsets in a humorous twist to the storyline.   
Agency – Cheil Worldwide

6.    Domino's Pizza – Domino's Pulling the Cheese



Domino's has created a video that shows all the crazy things that are done at pizza photo shoots, and furthermore to let consumers know that Domino's has made a promise about how they shoot their pizzas in the future. The video funnily uncovers just how unnatural food photography can be. Through the video, Domino's invites customers to participate in a new sort of photography competition – people can upload pictures without any retouching of their pizza’s to the Dominos site, and earn the chance to have their pizza photos used in an actual advertising campaign.
Agency – Crispin Porter + Bogusky

7.    Pepsi MAX - Diner 2pointZero



The cola wars are back with this new video from Pepsi Max that compares the no-calorie version of Pepsi against Coca-Cola's equivalent Coca-Cola Zero. The video is a remake of the iconic 1995 Pepsi commercial Diner, which compared the longtime No. 2 Pepsi against rival Coca-Cola. As in the original, the 2.0 remake video features a Pepsi truck driver and a Coke truck driver becoming friends in a diner – however it is soon obvious that there is no happy ending to their friendship or the videos. The video definitely plays the nostalgia card, which is clearly marked by a cameo appearance from the original Pepsi truck driver.
Agency – TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

8.    California Skateparks – World's Largest Skateboard Disaster



A fun filled day outside at a terrain park area unfolded to the World's Largest Skateboard Disaster video. At the afternoon, the people at the park decided to take out a giant skateboard created by California Skate parks. The owner of California Skate parks, Joe Ciaglia was determined to full-fill his dream to ride his board solo down one of the largest hills in the park. The video shows Joe’s moment of glory. However, even though he was confident in his ride, the enormously over-sized skateboard was not easy to steer and Joe decided to take a last minute jump off the skateboard as it was approaching a big dirt jump as it can be seen in the video. 

9.    Harold B. Lee Library – New Spice | Study like a scholar, scholar



This video is an example of a quality produced spoof – there are many spoof videos of commercials or other popular content out there that are of low quality and irrelevant; but only few that are well produced and well executed. The New Spice | study like a Scholar, Scholar video is produced by the Multimedia Production unit at the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University as a spoof of the widely talked about and successful The man your man could smell like Old Spice campaign. The video is created with an attempt at using similar setup and shooting techniques to create a similar look and feel. To see the making of the video go to their blog.

10.    HP – Hit Print



If your printer could bring your research to life, how would it look? That is the premise of this video from HP. This video is a sequel to a video created by two students back in 2009 called HP - invent. HP liked the first video so much that they officially commissioned the two students to make another video using the same technique. The video includes three HP Photosmart printers used to tell a complex animated narrative when put up in speed. It is a enormous amount of paper that goes through the printers, so it is nice to know that all the recycled paper used to create the video has gone on to be recycled again.