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Top 10 viral video in April 2010 by goviral network

May 5 2010, 18:08pm

Posted by adrien

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Top 10 viral video campaign with goviral network  – April 2010

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1.    Heineken – Men with Talent


Idols, Top Model and Project Runway, for a long time a predominant female audience has enjoyed the easily digestible yet highly emotional engaging nature of reality television. Finally there is a reality TV-show that can unite the male audience – Men with Talent! This new Heineken commercial is the follow-up video to the widely successful Walk-in Fridge spot! The commercial shows a real talent show that manages to make any man emotional! In only one week, the video has reached more than 1.1 million views.

Agency - TBWA Neboko


2.    Nike – Earl and Tiger



In connection with Tiger Woods’ recent comeback to the golf course, Nike released this very simple short video that without any grandiose production has ignited a heated online discussion. The key feature of this very personal and risky commercial is an old sound recording of Tiger's late father, Earl Woods. While Tiger silently faces the camera, the pondering voice of Earl asks his son what he was thinking and feeling, and if he learned anything. The 33 second video clip has achieved more than 3.1 million views and 7,500 comments within one month.

Agency - Wieden+Kennedy Portland


3.    Old Spice – Flex



Old Spice welcomes you to the wildly powerful world of Odor Blocker Body Wash with this humorous spot where the biceps and abdominals does most of the talking. The spot is one of a number from Old Spice to follow up on The Man Your Man Could Smell Like video, which we included in our February Top 10. Besides the Odor Blocker Body Wash showcased by a man with talking muscles the video also features ‘building-kicks’ and explosions. Throughout the month of April, the video managed to reach more than 3 million ‘powerful’ views and 3,500 comments.

Agency - Wieden+Kennedy Portland


4.    Samsung – Master of business card throwing 




Here is one of those old school viral videos that leave you wondering: is this real or fake? With the tagline Capture the true beauty of each HD moment, Samsung’s new HMX H205 digital camcorder is used to capture the wonders performed by a man that uses ordinary paper business cards as potential weapons. Luckily, the man only performs harmless tricks such as popping balloons, knocking over cans and cigarettes, and throwing cards through open windows – all from several meters distance and with extreme precession and accuracy.

Agency - The Viral Factory


5.    Coca Cola – Quest



It took eight months to produce this vividly animated video that promotes Coca Cola’s sponsorship of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Quest is the latest addition to Coke’s long history of great animated spots with playful storytelling. This time a young football enthusiast is set on a magical journey through a world of festive and fantastic football celebrations. The music featured in the video was created by hip-hop artist K’NAAN and his song Wavin’ Flag – Coca-Cola Celebration Mix serves as the anthem for Coca-Cola’s entire 2010 FIFA World Cup campaign.

Agency - SANTO Buenos Aires


6.    Nike – The secret behind Nike Air



What is the secret behind Nike Air shoes? Many iconic brands preserve core information about their products to themselves – and Nike has so far been no exception. What makes Nike’s shoes so good for athletic performance and where does the Nike Air actually come from? In this charming short video, a Nike Air spokesperson reveals the secret behind Nike Air shoes. The answer: Nike Air comes from air exhaled by Nike’s best athletes. As always the video features a handful of Nike sponsored athletes.

7.    Sony - Around the world in 80 seconds





This video by Sony pays homage to Jules Verne’s famous and classic book Le tour du monde en 80 jours (Around the world in 80 days). To promote Sony’s new Cyber-Shot HX5V camera, the stop-motion video was finished in only three weeks with physical stops and footage from London, Cairo, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco and New York. It seems that the video itself has been around the world, as it has been viewed by more than 1.3 million people in just one month.

Agency - Rapp Paris


8.    Nike – Music Shoe



Nike seems to have a successful digital strategy, which only is underlined by the third video on this month’s top 10, as they are constantly producing and releasing fresh and interesting content for their audience and consumers all over the world. This time, the video comes from Nike in Japan and shows two guys connecting their Nike shoes with a mixer and a set of speakers to produce a beat. Like any other proper online video nowadays there is also a making of video.

Agency - Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo


9.    Greenpeace – Give Earth a Hand



In relations to Earth Day in April, Greenpeace launched this visually stunning commercial to emphasize their push for public mobilization. The video is written and produced by Daniel Bird. The essence of the video is that Greenpeace is the work of many and that we all need to shift the focus of what we want. The very elegant, creative and artistic commercial has performed well in the social media landscape, and has within two weeks been seen by nearly 500,000 people.

10.    Nestlé – I Like Big Butterfingers!



Ever wondered what would happen if you were addicted to chocolate candy bars and were asked to do a commercial about them? Well, maybe you have the answer here. Nestlé USA have recently launched the campaign Nobody’s Gonna Lay a Finger on My Butterfinger to promote their peanut-buttery candy bar: the Butterfinger. As part of the campaign, Nestlé have create a humorous and slightly cheeky music video, which is a remake of the 1992 classic song baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot. As one video comment describes, the music video is stupid in a very funny way.