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Top 10 viral video by goviral in September 2010 #viral

November 3 2010, 18:17pm

Posted by adrien

goviral-new-logo.pngThis monthly top 10 viral video compiled by goviral is listing the viral video campaigns that benefit from a good viral spread the last month. It doesn't mean they were not released earlier.



1. Product Testing Institute – Models – Sony Ericsson


Sony Ericsson has released this series of online video ad campaigns for the mobile phone Xperia X10. The viral video commercial “Product Testing Institute” is featuring several focus groups putting smart phones through their paces, from toddler, senior citizens, surfers, guidos, models, and glam rockers. The five different videos have all together generated more than 2.4 million views and over 50.000 shares in under a month.


Agency: Dare New York

2. Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster

Sesame Street has launched a campaign to promote a new season. The classic children’s television program is doing a big push with the well known blue monster, Grover. In the video, Sesame Street’s Grover spoofs the Old Spice commercial with hilarious results. This video is very interesting, as it recognizes the fact that this year’s most successful campaigns, the Old Spice campaign, has truly become a part of our culture. Sesame Street has their by made it possible to make a spin off with great success. The video has had more than 180.000 shares and over 6 million views in just over a month.




Agency: Sesame Street US

3. New Windows Phone 7 Official Ad

With Microsoft's rollout of Windows Phone 7, ranking as one of Microsoft's biggest product launches in recent years, there is a huge pressure on the ad campaign that will accompany it. The Video displays people in all age groups in various situations being more than normally focused on their phone and not realizing what is going on around them. The campaign’s main message is – designed to get you in and out and back to life. Be here now. This is something most people can relate to and is maybe also why it has been so successful until now. With more than 1.1 million views in just under a month.




Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky US

4. Motorhead create slow Ace of Spade – Kronenbourg 1664

The new campaign for the French Beer brand “Kronenbourg 1664” is featuring the iconic rock band Motorhead performing a slowed down version of their classic song "Ace of Spades". It is 30 years since the song was first written and the track has now been specially re-written by the band for this Kronenbourg 1664 campaign. It is originally a TVC which however works very well online. The video has only had 145.000 views on YouTube so far. However considering that the video is only 2 weeks old it seems like there is more to come. Especially as this is the first video in a new series of unique musical collaborations which Kronenbourg 1664 has planned for the upcoming year.




Agency: BBH London


5. Rise Up Girls – Axe

Another surprising ad by Axe deodorant has shown itself on the web. This rather old video has mostly been aired in France, but has now somehow managed to spread all over Europe. In this ad there are ten hidden women, body-painted to melt into the background like we've seen in so many ad photographs before, but this a first for video, probably. The message in this ad is:” why are so many women hiding around this lazybones house? - The Axe effect -. What else can I say - you will at least watch it twice




Agency: Buzzman Paris


6. Megan Fox in "The Tip"

This video produced by Emporior Armani has now released the full version of its suggestive lingerie commercial called “The Tip”, featuring Megan Fox. In this great video we see sexy Megan Fox open the door to her hotel room, wearing close to nothing, as she invites the bellboy inside to serve here breakfast. The Bellboy however soon loses his focus on the serving and is instead very focused on her. Megan Fox was chosen as the new spokes model for Armani to replace Victoria Beckham who has modelled the brand since 2008. The video has over 2,8 million views on YouTube and that is very impressive considering the fact that it only has been on you tube for 5 weeks.




Agency: DDB Paris


7. All Blacks tricks & skill at training - RD - Rugby Channel NZ advert

This video features a training day of the All Blacks players Piri Weepu, Cory Jane and Rene Ranger are seen pulling off a series of unlikely kicks, throws and catches. If this video was real there would at least be a few terrified rugby teams around the world. This viral video made by Sky TV’s Rugby Channel is a another great example of known sportsmen
displaying “supernatural” powers. We have seen similar videos to this with stars like Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer displaying some amazing “skills”. The video has had over 1.1 million views in just over a month so that is actually quite impressive.




Agency: Sky TV's Rugby Channel


8. The Phillips wake up light.

The Wake-up Light from Philips is in this video undergoing the ultimate test. In one of the world’s most northern places on earth, where the sun does not shine for four long winter months. Here, residents have each received a Wake-Up Light for thorough testing. Filmmaker Doug Pray, director of Art & Copy, is making a documentary of the experiment, plus five films of villagers. The video has only received 46.000 views within two weeks wich is not rather impressive considering the content, but newer the less worth a look.




Agency: Tribal DDB, Netherlands


9. Professor Green - 'Coming to get me' – Doritos

Doritos have teamed up with a host of artists around the world for their “Late Night” campaign. In September news was leaked that Rihanna joined the campaign. Lately the U.K. rapper Professor Green also joined in and the first results were immediately shown on to the web with a lot of online video views. This new 360 campaign by Doritos focuses on high consumer involvement with giving a free teaser by showing this video and if the consumer wants to see it with the new 360 feature they have to visit the Doritos’s YouTube channel. (



Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO London



10. The Greatest Race Never Run – Boag’s Draught

The Australian advertising company - Holler Sydney – has just created the world’s first Facebook horse race. It might sound complicated, but it is actual very simple. To celebrate the 150 years anniversary of the Melbourne Cup, Boag’s Draught has set up a virtual Race where the 25 best horses to ever have run the Melbourne Cup (Australia's largest horse race) race. Each Horse has their own Facebook page and the more likes/followers they get, the faster they get propelled to the finish line. The actual promo is on the bottle caps where you have to collect the winning trifecta. This is a great combination of online video and social media. The video has had close to non views but is still on our list as the idea is new and innovative.




Agency: Holler, Sydney