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Top 10 Goviral for viral videos in December

December 22 2009, 16:51pm

Posted by adrien

Top 10 viral video campaign with goviral network  – December 2009

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1.    Activasion – Skateboard Dog

This viral video from Activision for Tony Hawk: Ride features a rather mellow bulldog that seems to be a pro at this game. It might not be the first skateboarding dog video that you have ever watched. But who ever said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? After a while it becomes rather obvious that the video is not real. Nonetheless, it was posted on a number of highly relevant blogs related to video gaming. In one month more than 1,150,000 people have watched the clip and more than 1,400 viewers have left a comment.

Agency: Droga 5; Sharethrough

2.    National Geographic - Deadly Predator


National Geographic has aimed right with this amazing footage video. It shows that publishing television content on the web can be very beneficial for a brand. The video features National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen describing his most amazing experience - coming face-to-face with one of Antarctica's most vicious predators. The unique footage and high quality have contributed a great deal to making this video go viral. The video has generated more than 1.6 million views and was posted on 346 blogs.

3.    New Zealand Book Council – Going West

A few weeks ago, the New Zealand Book Council has launched this fantastic video. It was developed using paper craft animation – and a lot of creativity – and is intended to promote books and reading. The makers used paper cut animations based on Maurice Gee’s novel Going West. The idea was to make a classic New Zealand novel coming to life through hand cut ‘pop up’ scenery springing up from the pages. More than 540,000 people have seen the video and it has generated 1,749 tweets.

Agency: Colenso BBDO

4.    Victoria’s Secret – One Gift

Victoria’s Secret lingerie has asked film director Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Transformers) to direct its latest online video advert. The result is this very explosive and sexy commercial featuring famous models like Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes. It would be too easy to argue that attractive women in lingerie are a cheap shot. Bay has put his own style into the commercial and turned it into a successful campaign with great product placement. About 1 million people have watched the clip.

5.    Plane Stupid – Polar Bears

Plane Stupid is a UK-focused group of environmental protesters who want to see an end to what they call "unnecessary and unsustainable" flights. With this video, the organisation wanted to confront people with the impact that short-haul flights have on the climate. The organisation was clearly going for the shock effect with this somewhat disturbing video. User comments are not always positive (e.g. “I hate this video. It’s Òhorrible.”), but the message is loud and clear. More than 850,000 people have watched the clip.

Agency: Mother

6.    Intel – Cannonbells

The people at Intel Finland decided to create the world's biggest Intel chime. To recreate the characteristic five-note Intel jingle, five Intel Finland employees – dressed in blue jumpsuits, red crash helmets and neck braces – are fired from cannons into a large wind chime. With this video, Intel wants to communicate that its brand is “human” at its core - and as such capable at times of not taking itself too seriously. The video has already reached 200,000 views in just one week.

Agency: MRM London

7.    Pink Glove Dance

The staff of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland came up with this original way of raising awareness for breast cancer. While other people wear ribbons or run a marathon and celebrities publish a magazine, this hospital decided to make a video using their pink attributes – gloves. Uploading this video has turned out to be a very effective way of communicating their message. In less than a month, the video has received a staggering 5.6 million views, more than 3,200 tweets and almost 544 blog posts.

8.    Orbit – Clean it up


Perhaps it was because of the UN Climate Conference, but there a lot of viral videos with a green theme this month. This nice video from Orbit chewing gum wants to demonstrate the importance of clean teeth and a cleaner world. The makers used 500 original drawings created by street artist Goons from Chicago. The video creates a dreamy atmosphere and is further characterised by the absence of product placement. It has generated over 1 million views in five weeks.

Agency: Evolution Bureau; Sharethrough

9.    Epson – Extreme Gamer

Epson has launched an online video ad for gamers who like to think big. The video shows an Extreme Gamer wearing a mobile gaming suit and an Epson EH-TW450 projector attached to the front. This somewhat impractical construction creates gaming experiences on walls, clubs, streets, and people in the centre of London. It turns gaming into a blown-up, extreme experience. The video has reached about 400,000 people and 100 blogs in less than two weeks.

Agency: twentysix

10.    Muscle Milk – Sexy Pilgrim

Muscle Milk has launched this “Sexy Pilgrim” campaign to promote its energy drinks. It made use of social media and live stunts to reach out to new customers. Consumers who log on to the campaign website will find the viral video, which features a funny pilgrim performing a song at a Thanksgiving feast. The campaign site allows visitors to post the video on their Facebook profiles, Twitter it and to “Become a Sexy Pilgrim” by printing a coupon for a. bottle of Muscle Milk. 870,000 people have watched the video.

Agency: Pereira & O'Dell, Sharethrough