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The top 10 virals of the decade

December 21 2009, 18:00pm

Posted by adrien


2 weeks ago Goviral has launched a vote for the the top 10 online Game Changers of the decade


Here are the results for the top 10 virals of the decade:

1. 2006: - Mentos + Diet Coke experiments

2006: - Mentos + Diet Coke experiments This campaign was never planned, neither by The Coca Cola Company nor Mentos. It started out as an experiment by Eepybird. A qualified guess would be that more than 60 million people have seen the clips that made Eepybird, Coke and Mentos internet stars.

Agency: Fritz Grobe & Stephen Voltz

Nominated by: Jimmy Maymann


2. 2006: Dove – Evolution

2006: Dove – EvolutionA great example of a corporate brand using the web to gain the trust of consumers. Taking internet users behind the scenes of the fashion industry allowed Dove to occupy the moral high ground, no mean feat I think you’ll agree!

Agency: Ogilvy Toronto

Nominated by: Gareth Jones

3. 2006: Blendtec – Will it blend

2006: Blendtec – Will it blendSome people and marketing campaigns succeed in life against all odds. Tom Dickson and Blendtec are two great examples. 90 videos and 100 million views later he, Blendtec and “will it blend” are forever part of internet history.

Agency: N/A

Nominated by: Jimmy Maymann

4. 2007: Diesel – Heidis 15mb of fame

2007: Diesel – Heidis 15mb of fame Heidis was all the reason Diesel usually succeeds. Doing something the others wouldn’t dare and doing it in a way that is highly surprising – and very sexy.

Agency: farfar

Nominated by: Jimmy Maymann

5. 2004: Burger King - Subserviant Chicken

2004: Burger King - Subserviant ChickenA man in a chicken suit willing to do whatever you tell him: what’s not to like? This is undoubtedly one of the most memorable campaigns of all time.

Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky

Nominated by: Jason Goodman

6. 2008: Obama’s online campaign

2008: Obama’s online campaignBarack Obama’s digital campaign was truly game changing. A great use of online advertising, social media and mobile allowed Obama to connect with millions of young, influential voters in a way that will act as a blueprint for all future political campaigns.

Agency: Blue State Digital

Nominated by: Martin Bailie & Gareth Jones

7. 2000: John West – Bear

2000: John West – BearOne of the most forwarded videos ever, Leo Burnett’s ad featuring a kickboxing Kodiac bear arguably marked the birth of viral marketing.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Nominated by: Gareth Jones & Jimmy Maymann

8. 2009: Tourism Queensland - Best Job in the World

2009: Tourism Queensland - Best Job in the WorldThis campaign extended far beyond the web to effectively become the world’s greatest PR stunt – generating more than £50m of equivalent paid-for ad space. Anyone still need convincing of the power of social media? No, I didn’t think so.

Agency: Cummins Nitro

Nominated by: Gareth Jones

9. 2008: Burger King - Whopper sacrifice

2008: Burger King - Whopper sacrifice Delete ten friends and get a free whopper. Eventually removed by Facebook itself. Genius because it tapped into an existing truth - everyone has friends on Facebook you care so little about, you'd swap them for a whopper.

Agency: Porter & Bugusky

Nominated by: Jason Goodman

10. 2008: Cadbury’s - Gorilla

2008: Cadbury’s - GorillaThis was a game-changer in its humour, broad appeal and in showcasing that digital advertising can reach a wider (non-web-centric) audience.

Agency: Fallon London

Nominated by: Hugo Drayton