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The last exorcism teaser campaign

November 22 2010, 17:35pm

Posted by adrien

Estrogeni - additivi per la comunicazione promoted  in Italy the Eagle Picture’s movie “The last exorcism” through a really interesting  teaser campaign.
In September  they created a blog for the “Ordine dei liberati”, a religious brotherhood that secretly has been struggling against evil for four centuries. The blog, written by imaginary characters, deals with issues related to exorcism and demonic presences to defeat. At the same time they created the Facebook page of the brotherhood. The campaign was accompanied by a video on the mock case of exorcism performed in 1971 on a Spanish girl, Almundina Pilar.



On November 15th they revealed the campaign with a teaser trailer and a landing page on the facebook page. The blog  also published a post by Cotton Marcus, the main character of the movie.