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The Internet Time Machine helps you know the next trends

July 22 2010, 19:01pm

Posted by adrien

What if marketers could know what would be the next online niche market?


This is the perfect dream for internet marketing to know where the demand is going and how big is the supply.

If the demand is below the supply, then there is an obvious opportunity for marketers to invest this market.


Have a look on this video presentation to understand the potential of this affiliate marketing.



Thanks to the best new search engine developped by NowRelevant, you can search in the past...


Let me show you how it works


When you log in the ITM online, you will have a dashboard like this one below.




Then you will be able to sort all the last search according your criteria.

So you can analyse the top search trends and match your business with them.


For example one of the top trend is "Allergic Reaction". It seems to get more and more searches.


It means it's the right time to provide some product to heal it ;-)




If you go on the website and you start searching for a product such as the ipad, you will be able to move the slider to see how many requests it matches since 1 to 14 days.


So you can have an idea of the trend for the topic... Of course if more and more people are speaking and writing about the ipad it means it's becoming more and more popular and sales should obviously grow.


This complex search engine is indexing more than 55 million sources, mainly blogs and is blacklisting SEO and dummy sites for more accuracy.




Note that is you have a blog and you think this service is valuable you can easily take part in their PPC program and they will give you 20% of  your referals into the PPC program.