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The Art of technology with Brian Badonde in video

January 14 2011, 12:06pm

Posted by adrien

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Brian Badonde, Facejacker’s eccentric art critic at large, has launched his new web-based series entitled ‘The Art of Technology.’ The series follows Brian Badonde in his quest to learn more about how technology can enrich his already extravagant life with the help of Bing.

Episode one features Badonde’s visit to the London Science Museum to learn about the wonders of Babbage’s Analytical Engine, the first fully-automatic calculating machine – or, as Badonde decides, “the world's first search engine”.  We can look forward to seeing Badonde get into more mischief, including taking over an introductory computer class and learning to ride and race on a Segway vehicle in Los Angeles, in his quest for life-enhancing technology.

Brian Badonde, comments: “Filming the Bart of Bechnology was in many ways a biritual journey for me. Never before have so many people so generously allowed me to binkle with bechnology with such freedom of bexpression. I hope my fans, bart critics and bart lovers from around the world will join together, in one bollective bonsciousness to bembrace the new series and that it helps them see the true beauty that blies at the very beart of bechnology.”

You can see the whole series at



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