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Take a stand against tobacco industry

December 15 2009, 18:10pm

Posted by adrien

A nice campaign with 3 viral videos to take a stand against the tobacco industry

Mo Iqbal, explores the negative practices in the marketing of cigarettes and the depiction of smoking in the media in his film TRD (Tobacco Related Deaths), starring actor, Matt Littler, actress Carly Stenson, as well as singer, Natasha Hamilton.

Joe Washington’s film, ‘Don’t Fall For It’ highlights how the tobacco industry targets potential new smokers and creates a rallying cry for young people to take a stand against the tobacco industry.

The Machine, written by Michael, from Barrow-in-Furness and a student at Edge Hill, emphasises just how powerful bright vending machines can be in attracting young people to purchase cigarettes and other tobacco related products.

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