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Skype is mobile video - Download Skype app for mobile

February 17 2010, 19:00pm

Posted by adrien

Interesting online campaign with 5 videos to promote the Skype app that allows you to use Skype on the move with your mobile.

This Skype app has been added onto the mobile handsets of five exciting artists dotted across the globe.

Anyone with a message they want to share can call one of the artists and have their words unleashed into the great outdoors.

You can download the Skype application for mobile here.

You can see Skype’s artist profiles at the following URLs:

Skype Outside's shadow artists, Kelli and Steven

Skype Outside's masked messenger, Tokyokamen

Skype Outside's tree carver, Paul Sivell..

Skype Outside's ringmaster, Gonzalo

Skype Outside's avant garde artist, Phil

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