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Recyclage de luxe by Stella Artois viral video campaign

November 23 2009, 12:45pm

Posted by adrien

Sunday night one man has delivered to my house 2 TV Dinner de luxe boxes as seen below.

In these boxes I had a lovely meal including pork rilletes, coq au vin and profiteroles + a Stella Beer obviously as this operation was from Stella Artois to announce the launch of their viral campaign on youtube named Recyclage de Luxe.

You can see all 5 videos dating from 1963 here:

le recyclage de luxe an ecological show on the web

Florence et la Machine with the real band Florence and the Machine

Utopia a sad song from Alain du Monde about climate change

Origami a cool way of recycling wasted papers by folding them

le hedge fund to learn how a hedge fund can be sustainable

Advertiser: Stella Artois
Agency: Mother London