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Presentation of online casino reports, the gambling portal

December 11 2009, 17:04pm

Posted by adrien

Online sports betting is a gambling activity that is growing fast the last 5 years. However it's not always easy to find out what are the top sportsbooks. That's why a gambling portal could help you to maximize your gambling!

Online Casino Reports is an online gambling guide and news magazine, it offers many things to the user such as news, videos (please have look on the one below), guides, forums, articles, tips, games and more...

online casino

As you can see this website is really well structured and I have selected 2 tabs that are particulary useful on this website for online gambling.

Firstly, the website offers a directory section where you can find reviews for any gambling related product including online casino, poker rooms, sportsbetting, online bingo, backgammon, gin rummy, lotteries, skill games, betting exchange and mobile gaming.

Secondly, the website offers a services section where you can find best bonuses that require no deposits, bonuses for high rollers, jackpots trackers, top poker bonuses and more.

Additionnaly, one of the special things the site offer is rich-media videos (see the one posted in this article) , podcasts etc.
Video: Online Gambling News: From Online Poker to WSOP Champ

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