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Peugeot is an environmental brand

July 19 2010, 12:24pm

Posted by adrien

Recently I was introducing you the launch of Peugeot's competition for which I am enroled as a juree.


One of the 6 categories for the competition is Environment. The Environmnet is in the core value of Peugot brand and I would like to digg it.


The first video is about the future of hybrid car with Vincent Basso responsible for the Hybrid Project at PSA.


Vincent is explaing us how this project will enhance comfort, increase power and reduce C02 emissions.



The second video is announcing the launch of an electric car for 2010 with Ayoul Grouvel responsible for electric vehicles at PSA.


Ayoul is pointing the fact that the technology is now enabling the real autonomy (thanks to lithium ion) of electric car and is 100% matching the need of city car users.



You can have a look on these Environment category on their website to see more interesting content to better your understanding of the brand's challenges.


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