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Pay as You Go mobile broadband are prefered to contract

April 25 2010, 16:59pm

Posted by adrien

The site has released the October sales figures to compare mobile broadband.



Surprisingly it shows that consumers now prefer Pay as You Go mobile broadband to classical contract mobile broadband.


According to the website, 53% of mobile broadband customers have choosen Pay As You Go deals and only 47% opted for contract mobile broadband during the month. This is the first time it happens.


Rob Webber, the Broadband Expert’s commercial director thinks this trend will continue to grow:  “We’ve seen Pay as You Go sales rise sharply since the end of 2008 as customers realise that they only need to pay for the broadband they use and don’t need to enter into a lengthy contract."


This trend for the pay as you go mobile broadband deal has been confirmed by findings from market research company GfK Retail & Technology, who said that 63% of mobile broadband sales are coming from prepaid offers in September 2009.