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Need some money? Go for the Barclaycard Platinum

April 5 2011, 17:22pm

Posted by adrien

Sometimes you need to spend cash you don’t have yet on your bank account. It could be for booking in advance holidays or investing in technology product or anything else that needs you to pay now whereas you’ll earn money later.
The first solution is to get your parents or friends to lend you some money…

This is not always possible neither affordable for everyone. If you’re a bit to proud to ask the people that surrounds you, you can opt for the second solution… Go to the bank… Indeed this is the job of the bank to lend money and help people get what they need at the time they need.
If you’re going for the bank solution, here is the good news: Barclays Bank has just released a new Barclaycard Platinum credit card with extended balance transfer.




This new 0% on balance transfers credit card is offering massive advantages such as:
> 0% interest on balance transfers for 20 months from account opening (3.2% handling fee applies)
This is really cool and allow you to benefit for almost 2 years of the best condition on the market.

> 25% off any additional balance transfer fee when you transfer more than one balance (terms and conditions apply)
A great opportunity to borrow money at the best rate and invest in your personal projects.

>0%  interest on purchases for three months from opening your account.
It’s time to go shopping with this 3 month period of free of charge cash!

On top of these offers, Barclaycard is providing you with a reward programme: the Barclaycard Freedom. As soon as you shop with partners you will earn points.

Hurry up you need to signing up between 15th March and 3rd May 2011 to take advantage of this limited offer.

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