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Monetise your blog with sponsored posts

November 24 2010, 15:16pm

Posted by adrien

Find out more on a blogger, you are spending a lot of time working on writing nice and relevant articles for your audience. Don't you think that it would be awesome to get some benefits out of it sometimes? I don't know if you already thought about monetising your blog but if you are willing to experiment it, I might have some tips for you...

A great way to monetise a blog with a niche audience is to write some sponsored posts. First of all it's not polluting your design ;-) and secondly it brings you a fixed amount of money!

ebuzzing, part of the wikio group, is offering to bloggers the opportunity to write relevant paid articles for your favourite brands.

It's pretty easy and straight forward... You just need to sign up with your blog(s) and wait for an invitation to write a sponsored article related to the topic of your site.

Could you imagine how cool it would be to have a brief from ebuzzing for brand such as Apple to write an article to introduce the new iPhone 5?! i am pretty sure your audience would love to get exclusive news about Apple on your blog before anyone else...

For each post you are invited to by ebuzzing, you can accept it or decline it. Each post has a different price offer, you are totally free to take part in the campaign and won't be penalised if you decline it. Once you have accepted it, you have 72 hours to submit your post. If your post answers the (easy) brief, you will be able to publish it, and then you will be credited on the platform.

Earning money from your blog is the reward of all your hours of work.

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