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I hate you facebook by google translate in japanese

January 28 2011, 16:21pm

Posted by adrien

Nice easter egg from Google for Facebook.

When you go on Google translate and you try to translate " I HATE YOU " in Japanese language, Google will translate it by:






Which means: I have to use your Facebook as you can see below.




This translation is also working with: WE REALLY HATE THIS COMPANY

translated in: 私たちは本当にこの会社Facebookを利用しています

and the back translation is: Our company is really using Facebook

Here are more commands that work unfortunately:

WE HATE HITLER >> 私たちヒトラーFacebookを利用しています >> We are using Hitler Facebook

WE HATE THEM >> 我々は彼らFacebookを利用しています >> We use them on Facebook

WE HATE THESE PEOPLE >> これらの人々Facebookを利用しています >> We have these people on Facebook use

WE HATE THEIR TEAM >> 私たちはチームFacebookを利用しています >> Our team is using Facebook



This is the social media war my friend!