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How translation is important to marketing

February 29 2012, 15:27pm

Posted by adrien

translation-flags.jpgIf you are working in a company that is cross boarder, you'll soon realise the impact of different languages in your business.
Most of the time, marketers won't translate what's in English for other markets. It's a very bad decision as for instance in Europe still a lot of people are not speaking or understanding English. Even if the content seems obvious with simple words. Some people are and will always be reluctant to a service or a product that is not explained or advertised in their native language.
That's what we consider trust. Talking, reading or listening in your own language will always win the battle in front of foreign competitors speaking a foreign language.
Then is comes to translate appropriately! If you're taking the intern of your company to translate one text in another language because he seems good enough to do it, you're doing it wrong!
Some misspelled text or some syntax errors can damage your brand a lot! It's even better to keep it in a perfect English rather than using a poor local translation. A poor local translation will be perceived as an insult to end-users. It will consider them as low educated and won't have a positive impact on people.
The best is obviously to use a translation service
Translating is a real job that needs professional skills. Someone able to translate from English to French won't be able necessary to translate perfectly from French to English. So please call expert when it comes to cultural adaptation. And of course the worse solution is to use automatic translation. It will create non-sense for the text and lead to massive fails!
Languages are worth to invest a bit of time and money to get the best out of them! Then get in touch with professional translators and enjoy the quality of the results.