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How to start dancing like a pro with Xbox Dance Central on Kinect

January 6 2011, 10:47am

Posted by adrien

Really want to learn dancing? It's pretty easy now thanks to Xbox Kinect you can start learning in your home.

This perfect game Xbox Dance Central will give you the best skills to impress your friends on the dancefloor.


Xbox Dance Central


The game includes tons of popular sound tracks like Lady Gaga and will teach you to dance through 600 moves!

You can eather play and dance alone or with friends. Even couple can practice together before the saturday night in the disco.

A good tool to have fun and improve your dancing skills!

As any proper game you will have to pass levels to access new stages and activate new songs and characters.

You can basically play this video game in a competitive way or just to have fun with your mates or in a learning way!

It's up to you.

I am not that much into video games but I should agree that the Xbox Kinect is a total revolution. This is the end of passive video gaming in the sofa. You are now definitely more active in front of the game. After 1 hour of playing Xbox Dance Central you can even feel the tiredness in you legs and arms! But as we say: no pain non gain!!!

So obviously it's a good way to stay fit at home during winter! Have fun.

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