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How to download free songs online

April 28 2011, 06:52am

Posted by adrien

Sometimes you just need a break and a good way to have a break in your mind is to listen music. So how can you listen to music online easily and be sure to find all the songs and singers you love?
mp3-2000 is a good alternative to get what you want when you need.


The website is collecting all the songs hosted on internet and organizing them by category, band, singer and more. There are even some reviews and biography about singers. You will find a lot of different sources to download the music you are looking for. If you don’t know what to listen to, you can have a look on their  USA top 100 list. A really good way to discover what will be the next thing and download free songs.
The site is indexing more than 14 million songs, so be ready to spend lot of hours listening music guys!