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How to choose the best web hosting solution

January 11 2011, 08:17am

Posted by adrien

If you are like me creating blogs or websites you will obviously need to host them.


There are tons of hosting solution existing but how can you easily compare them because, of course they are some better hosting solutions that the other....

The best way it to use a website that compare all the features of the hosting solutions to help you make the right choice.

Here is a good website about web hosting rating


As you will discover on the website you can easily identify the best web site hosting.

To compare approprietely the different hosting company you will need to identify your need for your blog or site.

Is it going to be a site with a lot of traffic? If yes, you will need a service that will load really fast.

Are you going to need Technical Support at any time and really often? If yes, you will need to take this column in account to make your choice.

Is the price the most important for you?

If yes, you can browse directly the best 10 cheap web hosting services.

You will be able to compare all the hosting services based on common criteria.

Even some reviews from customers will help you to evaluate the quality of the service you need.


A great tool is the check box on the right to select a few hosting services you are interested in and compare the different plans. Really convenient.

I strongly recommend this service before committing to any hosting solutions. It's always difficult to move your website to another host server once it's live. So make the right choice since the beginning!


Hope this article will help you.