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How to buy green smoke e cigarette

March 15 2010, 18:14pm

Posted by adrien

If you can't stop smoking but you really want to take care of your body, then the green smoke e cigarette are for you!

You can now smoke without any danger and without spending huge amount on cigarettes per month.

The e cigarette is a new smoking device that gives users the feeling of smoking a cigarette without all of the risks associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. It does not have tar, and there is no real smoke, smokeless cigarettes are just water vapor.

As you can see on the picture below, the yellow part is the cartridge (atomizer), the white part the battery and the red part the led.

It really looks like a real cigarette to fulfill your need.

You can even select different aromatic flavours such as chocolate or menthol.

As you can see on the picture below, when you smoke it there is some smoke (vapor) so you have the real feeling of smoking a cigarette.

If you want more info about this have look on the best e cigarettes to buy electronic cigarettes

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