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Groupon ad banners invasion WTF

February 24 2011, 16:41pm

Posted by adrien

Groupon is invading all the websites and blogs I am visiting. I am tired of seeing their banner ads everywhere I go.

They try to target myself and retarget but I won't click guys, you're just wasting impressions and building a negative feeling against you! It seems Google Adsense is making a lot of money with Groupon ;-)


Are you seeing them everywhere too? Or is that my cookies only? I am definitely not interested in your services and get the fact that the winner takes all in your business and you need to get as many sign ups in the early stages to kill your competitors but please don't over expose your brand!




Screen-shot-2011-02-24-at-15.40.14.png groupon-ads.banner2.jpg


groupon-ads.banner.jpg Screen-shot-2011-02-24-at-16.12.37.png