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Freetwittertrain: free twitter train is spamming twitter

January 17 2010, 10:15am

Posted by adrien

Almost every day I check on Twitter what are the most popular topics as I did this morning.

This morning, no surprise Haiti is the most popular topic. But more surprisingly the second most popular topic is freetwittertrain as you can see below.

twitter popular topics

So I have been visited the freetwittertrain website to understand why so many tweets are speaking about it.

free twitter train site

So basically freetwittertrain is a twitter service to gain more followers. this is how it works:

(ATTENTION NEW PEOPLE) you must add everyone to be on the train first. If you Purchase a VIP spot you will always be auto added when someone login!!Vip will get around 100-400 each day.

It's a kind of dodgy pyramidal system. The new suscribers must follow the first ones and so on.

The biggest issue with the service is that they ask you to log in with your twitter name and password.

And in the conditions they say they will be able to use your account to promote their service.

This is the result:

free twitter train

One more example

twitter train

Basically once you have sign up on this dodgy service freetwittertrain, they will spam each of your twitter contact with their url!

The spam is so aggressive that they have became on of the most popular topic!

So please don't sign up with this spammer.