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Great Celebrity Meme Generator added in your feedburner url kills tweetmeme

January 5 2010, 12:44pm

Posted by adrien

Thankfully, some of you have dropped me messages to alert me that my the retweet button from tweetmeme on this blog was not working anymore since a week.

I have done some research to find out what has changed...

Basically since 1 week google has migrated the feedburner url to as you can see on the picture below.

As I am pushing my feeds from feedburner to twitter via the API twitterfeed, it means the url that is appearing now on twitter is not including but the rewritten url by google:

As a result, tweet meme is not able to index this as a tweet for

So what is the solution to be sure tweetmeme continue to index your domain url?

The temporary solution I hav e found it to push my traditionnal RSS url without using the feedburner service.

Let's see if tweetmeme or google find a way to improve that.