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E Cigarettes National, smoking without chemicals

April 14 2010, 12:57pm

Posted by adrien

Did you know that traditionnal cigarettes with tobacco are containing 3,900 chemicals?


I know that's a lot! And I am not sure your body is appreciating all these chemicals...


Today, with the electronic cigarette, as known as e cigarette as well, you can reduce drastically this presence of chemicals to 20 only. And most of them will be present at a lower concentration in the e cigarette than in the real cigarette with tobacco.


Have a look on the picture below to see what is a starter kit for smoking electronic cigarettes.




As you can see the look and feel is really similar to the real tobacco cigarette but without 3,880 chemicals in it!


The e-cigarette are working with battery that create vapor thanks to a catridge.


you can either buy a new catridge when the one you have used to smoke in empty or either refill it with e liquid thanks to 3-4 drop of the solution.


Smoking everywhere refill cartridges are cheap to buy online.


So be ready to say goodbye to your old bad habits to change for a new good habit with the electronic cigarette!


And of course you will avoid your body and wallet a lot of damages ;-)