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November 16 2010, 16:13pm

Posted by adrien

Do you think technology can save our planet? If yes, Sony has something for you: The Open Planet Ideas.

It's a partnership between WWF and Sony to create new project based on technology to develop a sustainable world.

On this platform you are invited to submit your projects and encourage your friends to vote for them. Feel free to Join the challenge and check the brief  You will find all the details about this eco friendly challenge here:



I have noticed one remarkable project on the site that would be awesome to realise! It's named the eco battery.

Basically, we all are using more and more our smart phones and our handset is eating more and more energy (especially when you're an internet browsing addict). As a result our battery never last enough time to do what we are willing to! We always need more autonomy.

The idea of this eco battery project is to recharge it on the fly. Let me explain, it's a similar concept to hybrid car... One part of the energy could be solar and charging when allow to. And the other part of the battery a regular battery. So when the regular battery is empty, the eco one will recharge it and so on...

I think we can go further with this concept and apply it to all our daily products that need energy. Why not have a laptop with solar panel in our office or at home? You don't need to be on the move to save energy, right?

This solar source of energy is already pretty common for calculator, why not using it for landline phone as well?

The idea is to rethink any product around us... You can commnet my project here.

So you will charge less often your battery which is good for our planet and as a user you will have an extended autonomy...

This is typically a win win partnership between tech and eco. You can't stop using your phone so let's find ways to make it more eco friendly!

Feel free to vote for this project.

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