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Dedicated servers to improve your SEO

March 30 2011, 15:51pm

Posted by adrien

If you think your website or blog is not loading fast enough, you might consider changing your web server hosting solution. Indeed the speed of your website loading is impacting your search engine optimization and your bounce rate. If your site is not loading quick enough, people using dialup connections who are more than you think or mobile users could be the first victim and drop of your site before it loads completely. It will result for search engines as a poor result as people don’t spend time on your site after clicking the request.



So to improve your seo and the quality of your site the best way is to use unlimited hosting. It will improve your bounce rate and optimize the number of page views on your site per users. is offering services with really good hardware equipment produced by Cisco Systems, only industrial Xeon processors, hardware raid arrays and more… Of course they have a 24 / 7 / 365 hardware support, to avoid your website to be down. You can select the traffic plan you need with they large range of plans. They provide an offer with unlimited bandwidth.
So if you’re ambitious for your site and want to benefit from the top quality, go for dedicated servers.