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Cabwise: Know what you're getting into

December 3 2009, 11:41am

Posted by adrien

Transport for London is working with London’s police, the licensed taxi and Private Hire trade to help operate a safe and secure transport system in London.  Part of this approach tackles minicabs acting illegally in London.  This activity involves a comprehensive communication campaign. 

The Safer Travel at Night (STaN) campaign funded by TfL, focuses on reducing the number of sexual assaults committed by illegal cab drivers. Market share of illegal cabs is now very low but we know 23% of young woman (16-34 years old) still intend to use illegal cabs.

The campaign targets areas where touts are particularly prevalent and aggressive, at a time when there is an increase in partygoers due to the Christmas period and they are more likely than normal to be in a location they are not familiar with and hence do not know the local minicab number.  To help deliver a safer alternative, the communications highlights the TfL service ‘Cabwise’ which uses GPS technology to locate you and then texts you three local, legal cab numbers.

Advertiser: TFL
Transport for London
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Creative Director: Graham Fink.