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Bing + support Japan with $1 tweet donation #fail

March 15 2011, 17:59pm

Posted by adrien

Bing (Microsoft) has launched this tweet that says:


For each retweet @Bing will give $1 to Japan quake victims up to $100K. More ways to #SupportJapan




So basically Bing is using the Japan earth quake to get some social media coverage instead of giving away the $100,000.

They promised to give $1 per RT which is already the media value of a tweet... So basically they are not offering anything to support Japan but the people who RT are. It's just a really bad advertsiing strategy that aims to benefit from this disaster to get some coverage...


It was so badly received on twitter that Bing decided to stop this sad social media campaign and pay directly the $100k.




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