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Big Easter Riddle in the Usenet

April 1 2011, 15:10pm

Posted by adrien

With a fun and creative raffle designed as ”virtual scavenger hunt”, UseNeXT is starting into spring. From March 24th till April 25th, the Munich-based leading Usenet platform will hide four Easter eggs in the form of images in the worldwide Usenet network. Like in a real scavenger hunt, users have to solve tricky picture riddles in order to get the hint to the next Easter egg code. The images are provided with a uniquely identifiable code that has to be filled in at the campaign site. The game is completed when all four secret codes are registered at the campaign site. Finally the user participates automatically in the lottery for prizes worth more than 8000 USD, amongst them five iPads, five Sony Playstations PS3 Slim and 15 external multimedia hard drives with a storage capacity of one terabyte, if all codes are entered correctly. To make sure that really none of the participants is left with empty hands, UseNeXT gives away two weeks free access to its platform as a consolation prize to everybody participating.


The Easter egg hunt has been designed in a way that allows really everybody to participate who has fun with creative and interactive games at all, but especially in the Usenet. UseNeXT newbies don't have to be afraid, because a free trial package for the scavenger hunt will be offered. The fourteen-day special account covers a download volume of three gigabytes. Just register at the campaign site. Don't forget the closing Date: it's Easter Monday, April 25th 2011. The drawing will take place after the campaign is finished. All winners will be notified by UseNeXT.