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Augmented reality with Kia Optima AR

February 1 2011, 14:00pm

Posted by adrien

How do you gain the full attention of the growing numbers of multi-tasking mobile browsers who also casually watch TV? Explore Engage with SMG RED and Yahoo!7 have come up with the solution. Featuring an Augmented Reality animation for KIA Optima, interactions were made possible on Channel 7 with the Australian Tennis Open and in Australia’s popular women’s magazine New Idea with iPhone and Android powered phones.



Overcoming the challenges of tracking both print and TV imagery with various brightness and interlacing, Explore Engage enabled a very responsive augmented reality application that truly integrated KIA’s marketing activity across various platforms. Further, when the viewer’s initially tracked the logo, the application enabled a snap to screen feature to continue visual engagement for minutes after the trigger was first presented.  

This style of application is expected to increase investment in augmented reality as thirty second TVC’s and in-program placements can take on a whole new meaning and engagement level with their target audiences. As part of KIA’s sponsorship of The Australian Tennis Open 2011 with broadcast partner Channel Seven and online via Yahoo!7, the iPhone and Android application has been a success.

So what does the app do? The application uses augmented reality technology to bring a 3D animation of the KIA Optima from out of the television screen as triggered in context with the KIA logo being viewed from the mobile. This enabled consumers to experience the car’s features in a fun and interactive way. Users can interactively select and compare the car’s available colours, view specifications and turn the lights on and off. Further, the app converted the audiences 2D TV’s into a 3D experience.

Looking towards the future, Explore Engage is merging this concept with competitions, gaming, polling and other interactive features that truly grip the target audience, gather data and provide effective integration of media investment across multiple platforms.

What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality is a term used for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated graphics or sounds. In simpler terms, augmented reality is usually known as an overlay of information or entertainment in context with the desired environment, when and where it enhances the experience.