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A fun way to fight smoking with the Serious Quitters

December 9 2009, 11:22am

Posted by adrien

If you are against smoking or want to stop smoking or just a big games player, these old fashion arcade games are for you!    

The brand Pfizer has launched a set of 3 good old style arcade games named the Serious Quitters' Arcade.  

Why this name? Easy, because you will have to fight against nicotine in these games and our hero is here to help you so.  

This new communication angle for the brand is a nice move because it turns something that scare people (stop smoking) into something really entertaining!


So using video games is a good approach to raise awareness to the youth without being too serious.  

Personally I have quit smoking 5 years ago and obviously I recommend every smoker to quite as it's such a big relief for your health and your wallet. 


Now it's time to play the game, my favourite is Blast N Quit. But you can also try Bin Um and Escape from the smokey planet on the website or via the Facebook application available below.


Try it it's really good fun. Which one is your favorite?




Please feel free to drop your score on the comments and I will nominate the winner by the end of the week on this post ;-)

For the Facebook addict, Pfizer has also added a Facebook application named Blast n' Quit


So, if you want to challenge your best mates on Facebook you just need to install the application on your profile and you can track your friends scores and compare their performance to yours!


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