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Top 10 Goviral for viral videos August 2009

September 15 2009, 09:46am

Posted by adrien

Top 10 viral video campaign with Goviral Network  – August 2009

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1.    Bensons for Beds – Mattress Dominoes

This campaign for the British company Bensons for Beds is an excellent example of viral marketing on a budget. The company’s employees are attempting to set a world record of mattress dominoes. Most of them seem to make a soft landing but unfortunately the video does not tell us if they actually succeeded in setting their record. The campaign proves that huge advertising budgets or big brand names are not necessarily required in order to reach a massive audience. The video has generated well over 600,000 views and many hundreds of positive user comments.


Agency: Wand

2.    Johnnie Walker – The Walk

It seems like the people at Johnnie Walker are trying to do what they can to avoid this video from becoming a viral success. Several uploads on video sharing websites have been removed. And that is a real shame. In this fantastic video, Scottish actor Robert Carlyle tells us the history of the Johnnie Walker brand from a humble shopkeeper to a successful global brand. Visual cues are well-integrated throughout the video. In case the link becomes inactive: visit and choose UK as the country to view the video. The six-and-a-half minute clip is well worth watching.

Agency: BHH London

3.    Sony - Twilight Football

With this viral video, Sony is promoting its plans to stage a world first event - Twilight Football. The global event takes place on 22nd September 2009 where 7 twilight matches will be taking place at stunning, specially chosen locations, with the Twilight Football grand final happening in South Africa, the host for the 2010 World Cup. The product behind the campaign is Sony’s brand new Exmor CMOS sensor technology for optimal photo shooting in lowlight. With over 200,000 views in just 4 days this viral is one to watch.

Agency: Dare/OMD/GoViral

4.    Inspired Bicycles – Danny MacAskill

Although this campaign has been online for several months already, it is still receiving about 400,000 weekly new views recently. The video features Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill performing some amazing daredevil stunts in the streets of Edinburgh and took several months to shoot. You do not have to be an expert to tell that the technical difficulty of these stunts is extremely high. The video will very soon exceed the 10 million views.

5.    Microsoft – Giant Waterslide

For this campaign, Microsoft reportedly built the biggest waterslide on earth. We see a man being launched from the slide at a dazzling speed to land with great precision in a small inflatable swimming pool. The video has generated much discussion as to whether it is real or not. At first, it was not revealed who the maker of this campaign was, which contributed further to the mystery. The video reached 300,000 views in the first 3 days and is still going strong with now more than 3 million views.

Agency: MRM Worldwide

6.    Red Bull – Times Square Pit Stop

This Red Bull video is an excellent example of successfully combining a guerrilla marketing stunt with a viral campaign. Red Bull’s racing team hits the streets of Manhattan and conducts an actual NASCAR pit stop in Times Square. A clever way to make your brand visible in an alternative fashion in what probably is the most expensive advertising location in the world. Of course, the audience that witnessed the stunt was limited so viral spread of the campaign has been crucial for its success.

7.    MSI – Laptop Tricks

Taiwanese computer manufacturer MSI launched this campaign to boost its global brand awareness as a maker of thin and lightweight laptops. One of the guys we see in the video is able to catch an MSI laptop with his butt. User comments on the video range from “Disgusting!” to “I want to be an Acrobutt too!” That said, the video has been viewed about 2 million times and, unlike in the Microsoft campaign, the viewer can immediately identify the brand. 

8.    ABSOLUT – Differently

ABSOLUT vodka has developed this campaign in cooperation with six artists. The artists expressed their thoughts and vision about the ABSOLUT brand and together crafted a new brand philosophy: ‘Doing things differently leads to something exceptional.’ Next, they used bottles, ice blocks, lanterns, balloons, wheat and glass tubes to visualise this vision. Even though this long-anticipated campaign is getting mixed reviews, the creative content remains very artistic.

Agency: TBWA/CHIAT/DAY New York

9.    Nokia – Booklet 3G

Nokia has launched this video to mark the introduction of its very first notebook, the Nokia Booklet 3G. This sleek piece of technology is the latest addition to Nokia’s product range and was officially presented during the Nokia World event on September 2nd. With its new mini laptop PC Nokia wants to meet the needs of the modern consumer, who expects “the computing power of a PC with the full benefits of mobility”. The video has received about 700,000 views in less than 3weeks.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, JWT

10.    HP – You on You Project

HP wants to know who you are. So they asked contestants to pick a few things about themselves and create a short video to tell HP and the rest of the world who they are. But contestants were not allowed to show their faces so making a video required a good dose of creativity. In reward, HP is giving away $300,000 in total prizes for the best videos. More than 500,000 people viewed the instruction video and a total of about 6,000 users are now subscribed to HP’s YouTube channel where people can now vote for the winning videos.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners