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Always On, the social media strategy

August 10 2009, 09:24am

Posted by adrien

GoViral at the 2009 Cannes Lions introduces 2 key concepts for brands, looking for online success.

Users are now “always on” and media is consumed when, how and as users like it.
The challenge is how to change a declining advertising model build around a structured media model of scarcity and activate your brand in an era of participation and abundant information.

The seminar here builds on a concept established in last year’s Social Metropolis book, the two-way challenge of the new media landscape. While new engaging technologies and social media services dramatically lowers the barriers to communication and allow brands to engage in much more rich conversations than ever before, the increased user participation and media fragmentation creates a rapidly growing scarcity of attention. The traditional model is a broken one, but rewards are great for the brands that successfully tap in to the new vibrant and connected media system.

The seminar then moves beyond to suggest that a series of developments in the advertiser ecosystem are needed in order to re-align ourselves with the users and the way they communicate. CEO of Goviral, Jimmy Maymann, suggest that to benefit from the full potential of the new ecosystem advertisers need to master three crucial elements of change and offers a strategic framework for working with these changes build around the idea of owned, paid and organic media.